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Summertime Sadness


I love the summertime. Maybe it’s the lack of stress and the ability for me to do whatever the fuck I want in these 3 months, or because I don’t have to deal with the annoying kids at my school, or it’s the weather and how it’s always so pretty outside, but the result is that for the past couple of years summer has been the only time when I’m not suicidally depressed. 300 more words


Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life Review

Six years ago, twelve-year-old me sat on her bed listening to Now That’s What I Call Music 80 on her pink CD player, and heard Video Games by Lana del Rey for the first time. 672 more words


Nhiều ngày mưa

Mùa hè Hamburg lạnh 16 độ. Em cần đi U3 hai bến đến Uhlandstrasse. Tàu không chạy, người ta đang sửa đường ray. Em đứng đợi chiếc bus dự phòng. 533 more words


Summertime blues

When Lana Del Rey came up with the song “Summertime Sadness” I felt so understood that only by this title she had me… When it’s summer I can’t help but feel a little blue, even though the season calls us for the complete opposite. 503 more words

It's hard to live when absolutely nothing's clear...

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! LDR finally dropped her latest album July 21st, and it’s super awesome! Entitled “Lust For Life”, this 16 track gem is complete with cameos, recycled themes like “white sunshine”, pearls, curls, America, blue, paradise, and “war on my mind”. 353 more words


Summertime Sadness...to some degree

Today was really, really, sticky. If there was an aerial view of us driving around in the Costco parking lot, – it would have brought absolute embarrassment to me. 408 more words


Oh, say can you see my stars...

June was a pretty good month overall, J had his birthday, our little girl seven months! And Summer officially started, so today I am sharing some of my favourite things! 465 more words

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