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Red Riding Chick

Last week I discovered I had a five-litre ‘bag-in-a-box’ South African red wine stashed away in the ladder. It smelt all right, even for a wine novice like me – so I used it to ‘dress up’ chicken pieces in it. 153 more words



If in some future place or time, I find myself shipwrecked and marooned on a desert island, I would survive quite happily with one proviso – the island has a White Company store.The White Company has to be without doubt my most favourite retailer on the planet. 261 more words


Tuna Salad

All you need for this quick yummy salad is
Ingredients :
Tuna in olive oil
1/2 a cup Corn kennels blanched

2 medium Chopped onions… 71 more words

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Royally-inspired Interior Design

I have always been a fan of Designer’s Guild fabrics.  They are elegant, timeless, gives a sumptuous feeling to the hand and eye. Here is an image from their Buckingham Collection. 49 more words



Wedding, bringing two lives together
Wonderfully unaware of the journey ahead
While dreaming in rainbow colors
Wide exciting world to be explored
Wedding vows to remain faithful for ever… 140 more words


Sumptuous Summer Meals You Can Cook using Enamelled Cast Iron Pots

You may be sitting in your kitchen, looking at that new enamelled cast iron pot you got for Christmas and wondering what to cook in it. 128 more words

It's still cold out there!

So keep your head warm!

I knitted this woolly hat for my sister for her birthday present. Big Wool by Rowan, it’s 100% sumptuous wool and a delight to knit with my 10mm circular knitting needles. 16 more words