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What's Inside: Sunscreen - The Same Stuff That's in Silly Putty

Wired Magazine has a monthly feature called “What’s Inside” where the staff researches and shares the ingredients of some of your favorite products.

Summertime means emerging from your dimly lit cubicle to expose your pallid skin to some precious rays of sunshine. 99 more words

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Not all sunscreens are created equal

Part One in the Skin Series

Spring and Summer are fast approaching!!! (Whew…thank goodness.)  With the “very welcome” warmer weather comes a lot of sunshine and Vitamin D.   500 more words

Lesson 2 - Kindness, healthy bones and counting down

Happiness is: The kindness of strangers… and family and friends.
Being on crutches for the last few weeks, little things like opening swinging doors, or fetching and carrying, have proved problematic.   385 more words

Are you getting enough Vitamin D?

Nearly two thirds (64%) of Brits have dangerously low Vitamin D levels – partly because it’s impossible to get the required amount of sunshine in autumn and winter in the UK. 558 more words

SIBO; Sun Exposure; Testosterone; 01.05.2018


A breath test is the standard diagnostic tool used by medical doctors in diagnosing SIBO or Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.  It is a condition where particular strains of bacteria have colonized the small intestine. 134 more words


Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Sun Protection

Sunblock. Sunscreen. SPF 15. SPF 30. SPF 50+. When the temperatures start to rise, it seems that nearly every store fills their aisles with an endless sea of bottles containing the white goop. 2,055 more words

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4 Natural Home Remedies to Ease the Pain of Sunburn

At some time or another, we’ve all experienced the effects of sunburn – be it a light burn or a more heavy burn.

Although the sting of regret of inadequate protection (from UV exposure) can be an excellent incentive to plan more carefully on ‘future’ occasions, it’s of little help in soothing the immediate physical sting (i.e. 481 more words