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Health and Well-being

When I wrote about http//:www.soapboxsoap.com ’s Black Soap yesterday I neglected to mention that the box identified the product as detoxifying. I’m all for that. 230 more words


January 2017 - Vitamin D

Every year around winter time people get worried about Vitamin D, they read it somewhere or hear others talk about it. So what is it all about? 900 more words


Tiding over Vitamin D deficiency

Upto 8,000 IUs of vitamin D per day is required to achieve a serum level of 40 ng/ml. But, this cannot be achieved through sun exposure  or dietary intervention alone. 283 more words


How much sun exposure is too much?

Who else noticed how extra sunny it has become the past few weeks?

The thing is as a typical Nigerian it’s almost impossible to not come in contact with the harsh rays of sunlight almost everyday and then there are the prescription skin treatments that come with a bold warning on their label… “avoid prolonged sun exposure while using this product…” and this always leaves me thinking “I really want glowing skin, how do I do this?” 315 more words

Skin Talk

To sunblock, or not to sunblock?

So here I am, married for well over a decade. Still in love, though the relationship has definitely evolved, to say the least.

On our last vacation together we headed to Florida to visit an old friend. 658 more words


Vitamin D: A Developing Story

Ten years ago, it is unlikely that vitamin D was on your list of things to worry about.  Now you probably know someone who is vitamin D – deficient and taking a vitamin pill every day – or at least during the winter months when the sun is low in the sky. 1,133 more words


As an esthetician, I want to help you have the best skin possible. It’s helpful if you meet me half way. Here are the top six things I wish you would stop doing between visits. 995 more words