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Vitamin D, calcium and the sun

We all know it is important to meet your daily needs for all of the vitamins and minerals, and whenever possible these should be rated from foods rather than supplementation (pills and powders.) Calcium, amongst many other minerals is key to prevention of bone loss and osteoporosis as a person ages. 253 more words

Belo SunExpert - My Ultimate Sunscreen Companion this 2017

We Filipinos eagerly await the days when we can enjoy the beautiful summer weather, and now the season is in full swing. However, before hitting the beach, the pool, or the trails, always remember to apply sunscreen. 828 more words

Spring Tanning Options

Spring is around the corner and you want to start preparing for all your warmer-weather activities and outfits. Looking pale as a ghost doesn’t go well with your spring wardrobe! 683 more words

OWPC: Exposure

Too much exposure to the sun can be a bad thing – even for cats.

There, that’s better – out of the sun’s damaging rays and it’s white-hot heat.

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Why do we need to use Sunscreen?

Wearing sunscreen is a must especially if you know that you’ll be exposed in the sun for quite a while. Yes it’s sexy and cute to show off your tan lines, and having a natural looking blush on. 361 more words


Health Tip #47

What is vitamin D

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone.  Every tissue in our bodies need vitamin D.  It is needed for overall health including bone and muscle health, heart health, immunity, metabolism, brain development, cell communication, and more. 445 more words

2017 Health Tips

Health and Well-being

When I wrote about http//:www.soapboxsoap.com ’s Black Soap yesterday I neglected to mention that the box identified the product as detoxifying. I’m all for that. 230 more words