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6 Crucial Places You Should Be Applying SPF

Summer is on the horizon, which means it’s almost time for beach days, bikinis, picnics and frolicking in the great outdoors. We all know by now just how important it is to… 363 more words


Some Sunscreens Perform Below SPF Protection Claims, Increasing Risk Of Some Sunscreens Perform Below SPF Protection Claims, Increasing Risk Of Sun Exposure

A new Consumer Reports study suggests some of our pandering about the importance of sunscreen may have been for nothing. Because what’s the point of wearing sunscreen when it’s not actually protecting you from anything? 498 more words


Protect Your Pet from the Sun!

Article by: Dr. Ruth MacPete, DVM

Did you know pets get skin cancer too? Just like us, dogs and cats are susceptible to sun damage. Excess sun exposure can lead to sunburns and skin cancer in our animal friends. 457 more words

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Employee Submitted: Best Sunscreens of 2015

Submitted by: Jacque Tomlin

Best For Gentleness –
Biotherm Sun¬fitness Revitalizing Sunscreen SPF 30 Biotherm’s lotion offers a sophisticated take on kiddie formulas with soothing vitamin E and a blend of chemical UV blockers to keep skin baby-soft and safe without causing irritation. 290 more words

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Employee Submitted: Sun Exposure + Diabetes

People with diabetes are at increased risk of heat stroke, sunstroke, and other problems during the “dog days” of summer, but experts have found that many patients wait too long before taking precautions. 158 more words

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Employee Submitted: Risks of Sun Tanning

Article submitted by: Janie B.

Despite the importance of the sun to vitamin D synthesis, it is prudent to limit the exposure of skin to UV radiation from sunlight and from tanning beds.

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