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Julie Power, in her Sun-Herald article entitled ‘Screenagers, and kicking the device habit’ quoted Joseph Wakim, the author of What my Daughters Taught Me who said that his ‘three normal teenage daughters were replaced by zombies as they fell into the grip of “His Majesty the Television” and other screens.’ His girls seemed more stressed, more dependent on social media and more concerned about what others thought. 225 more words


Harrison County sheriff race highlights August 25th runoff

Incumbent Sheriff Melvin Brisolara was pushed to a runoff with Troy Peterson in the August 4th Republican Primary. The two debated on Thursday, August 13th and largely agreed on priorities but dissented about whether their implementation has been adequate and also differed on the future management of the department. 165 more words


Democrat shocker highlights 2015 Primary Election

Incumbents mostly won the day in Mississippi Gulf Coast primary elections on August 4th. The biggest surprise of the election came in the Democrat primary for Governor. 299 more words


Josh Vallum - Reputed Latin King Gangster - Accused of Murdering Transgender Teen Mercedes Williamson in Whats Being Called a Possible Hate Crime

Sun Herald — GEORGE COUNTY — The preliminary hearing of a George County man accused in the murder of a transgender teen has been moved to Wednesday because authorities did not realize he had been transferred from the George County jail to a state corrections facility in Meridian. 63 more words


2015 Primaries on August 4th

Prepare now for the August 4th Primary Elections! If registered, you can vote in either the Republican or Democrat primary but not both.

Find your polling place AND sample ballot at the Secretary of State’s… 125 more words


Offset to Freedom

Nicole Pederson-McKinnon, in her Sun-Herald article entitled: ‘Offset the key to mortgage freedom’ quoted Albert Einstein who once said: He who understands compound interest earns it. 310 more words


Here's the Drill

Jo Hartley, in her Sun-Herald article entitled ‘Here’s the drill’ posed the following question: ‘Is an inability to make or break habits affecting your happiness?’ 257 more words