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2015 Candidates for County Elections

2015 is a big election year for Mississippi as is seen by the numerous positions on the November 4th ballot. Visit the Sun Herald’s County Elections Candidate List… 49 more words


Harrison County to replace 2nd supervisor since December

Harrison County District 4 Supervisor William Martin was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his home on February 25th. Martin had been indicted on bribery and related charges to which his attorney said he planned to plead guilty. 138 more words


AP: Mississippi House passes bill to phase out state income tax

From the Associated Press, “Mississippi House passes bill to phase out state income tax” by Emily Wagster Pettus

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – The Mississippi House argued two hours Wednesday before passing an election-year proposal that could become one of the biggest tax cuts in state history if it becomes law – a plan to phase out the state’s personal income tax over the next 15 years if the economy grows.

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Speaker Gunn seeking to phase-out personal income tax

The Sun Herald posted AP Newsbreak: Gunn to seek phaseout of personal income tax by Jeff Amy:

JACKSON, MISS. — In a game of escalating tax-cut proposals, House Speaker Philip Gunn, R-Clinton, will propose the biggest so far: a $1.7 billion phaseout of Mississippi’s state personal income tax over more than a decade, a top legislator said late Monday.

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Pay as you Live

Anna Hart, in her Sun-Herald article entitled ‘Goodbye stuff, hello freedom’ said that shedding 1,300 books, 1,200 CDs, 98 vintage dresses, 82 pairs of shoes and 49 handbags enabled her to embrace the light and feel free. 300 more words


Vampire Lenders

The Sun-Herald columnist, Sam de Brito, in his article entitled ‘Pay day drips cash for vampire lenders’, says there is a new wave of micro-lending companies offering small, short-term loans to cash-strapped Aussies, many under the age of 30, the majority living payday to payday. 297 more words


Good Luck!

Libby Hakim, in her Sun-Herald article entitled, ‘Works like a Charm’ says: ‘While relying on a  lucky charm for a little extra help in this day and age may seem irrational and somewhat quaint, modern research suggests the idea is not as silly as it sounds.’ 296 more words