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Humble Jumble

Will someone please tell public speakers especially politicians to stop being “humble”.  I don’t believe it and I expect neither do the other listeners/viewers.  The new MP for North Sydney was “humble”, “humbled”, and many other variations of this ridiculous word.  47 more words


'No smoking' shooter ponders his fate

According to the Sun Herald, accused Waffle House shooter Johnny Max Mount had one thing on his mind in his first court appearance.

“Is the death penalty going to be involved in this charge?” suspect Johnny Max Mount asked Justice Court Judge Albert Fountain.

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Sam de Brito, in his regular Sun-Herald All men are liars except Sam de Brito column entitled ‘Great Expectations = 24-hour FOMO’ said that happiness is largely determined by a person’s expectations, which are invariably set by the culture in which they live. 455 more words


18 Years Card-Labour

Excessive debt sentence

Nicole Pederson-McKinnon, in her Sun-Herald column entitled ‘Big bank sentence? 18 years card-labour’, says that ‘the excess debt sentences for the average Aussie is 18 years. 490 more words


Carla Bonner is Switched On

Atelier’s own Carla Bonner features this week on the cover of Switched On in the Herald Sun.

After a 5 year break, Carla returned to Neighbours this year in her house favourite role as Steph Scully. 14 more words


Women to win in PM’s Cabinet Sun Herald 20 Sept – could only have been written from a male perspective. The slight increase in numbers of women in the Turnbull Cabinet is NOT a win, simply a slight progress. 24 more words



Julie Power, in her Sun-Herald article entitled ‘Screenagers, and kicking the device habit’ quoted Joseph Wakim, the author of What my Daughters Taught Me who said that his ‘three normal teenage daughters were replaced by zombies as they fell into the grip of “His Majesty the Television” and other screens.’ His girls seemed more stressed, more dependent on social media and more concerned about what others thought. 225 more words