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Tonight: the litte dog laughed radio # 18

tonight : the ltitle dog laughed radio # 18

2230 pm – 24 pm 88.4 fm (berlin) ou www.piradio.de (stream)


w/ sun kil moon vs red house painters reissues // the polyversal souls // amara touré // omar souleyman // alice coltrane / philip cohran // rastafari – the dreads enter babylon compilation //annabel lee / indian summer music & a short film music dj set with an italian inspired “giallo” movie score  w./  morricone/ umiliani /eraserhead, japanese manga scores / a girl walks home alone at night… 152 more words


5 Albums to Listen to Before Summer Ends

You could probably get through these in 20 days.

I’m not sure about you guys, but the summer seemed to come and go pretty quickly. Now I understand that there is plenty of new music to look forward to in the upcoming fall season, but that’s no reason to leave great music from the summer behind.

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travis, mike and nappier discuss the following topics……..

the weather channel shows……..

sun kil moon……..

can you be allergic to wifi?

movie talk with the folks from the lotuscast, firnecast and bad flix mixed in with our september-december hollywood fantasy draft!




Sun Kil Moon - Universal Themes

Slängde ur mig en digital flaskpost idag, rätt ut i den ofantliga intigheten; ’jag är så fruktansvärt less på döden’. Att döden är överallt är ingen hemlighet, att barn dör jämt och ständigt över hela världen är ingen hemlighet, att folk som flyr ofta dör är ingen hemlighet, att närstående dör är ingen ovanlighet. 1,210 more words


space man save earth and album of the year

Summer news is always silly, even though I took a few weeks on holiday away from British media-consumption, the most interesting news stories of the summer appear to be some nasa astronaunt who was the 6th person on the moon telling everyone a big military secret, get ready for it…space men came to Earth during the cold war to dismantle some nuclear weapons that would have caused world war 3. 292 more words

i think you're awesome

I’m back from summer adventures overseas, boat trips and lost car keys, overheated coffee and a 48 hour fever in Berlin, reading the New York Times and drinking sparkling water, 9 hour car trips and table tennis, letters to Salinger and peppermint ice cream. 242 more words