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Le dîner chez Oscar

This weekend we were invited to dinner by Oscar the dog’s folks.

When we lived at Le Palais, Louis Catorze used to take a “Ta maison est ma maison” approach: if we were invited to dinner by neighbours he would hop over the fence and join us. 361 more words

Une fourmi noire sur une pierre noire

4 days have passed since SlugGate and, despite Louis Catorze’s contrite confession being shared multiple times across the internet (see photo), the trauma of the event is as great as it was on that night. 168 more words

Why I'm drawn to jacquard, brocade & double knits.

As a long time knitter and more recently a machine knitter, I’m captivated by knitting machines, both vintage and new.  The well of knowledge, engineering and their evolution has captivated the public for many years.   514 more words

La limace

In true Catorzian style, despite the happiness of yesterday it seems we have crashed to an all-time low here at Le Château: at around 1am, Louis Catorze decided to bring in a live slug and deposit it on my pillow as I slept. 122 more words

Me, I Can Communicate.

Disclaimer: Sorry there are no pictures. It seems I have had some trouble taking them of my solar panels out in the sun. Also why the post has been so delayed. 642 more words

La menthe au citron vert

In an effort to solve LimeGate, my latest “thing” is to pick Louis Catorze up and thrust him into people’s faces so that they can try to identify the source of the scent. 221 more words

Here Come the Sun King

Why did the Beatles make so many references within their work to famous doubles and doppelgangers? Next in the “Doubles and Doppelgangers” series we have a pretty obvious reference to King Louis XIV within the song “Here Come the Sun King” from the Beatles infamous Abbey Road album. 607 more words

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