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Rise to the morning sun

I set the alarm to wake up at sunrise

It was tempting to stay in bed but then i decided to get up

The sun is rising, i can feel the energy it transmit in the air… 48 more words


Quality not quantity

Numbers are one of my least favourite things. If you can have a phobia of numbers, then I do. I prefer things I can count simply on the fingers of one hand. 807 more words


And the All Time Classic Yoga Pose has to be...

Adho Mukha Svanasana

This classic yoga pose is fantastic for increasing your flexibility in your shoulders and hamstrings. One of the inversion poses, it’s also good for increasing the blood supply to your brain making this a very strengthening and invigorating pose. 384 more words


Los 108 Saludos al Sol: una experiencia emocional

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Me ha costado mucho sentarme a escribir estas reflexiones. No sabía como poner en orden el torrente de sensaciones que experimenté durante la realización del… 549 more words


Gerakan Sun Salutation dalam Yoga, Haramkah?

“SURYA NAMASKAR” atau “salam matahari” kini hampir tidak dapat dipisahkan dari aktivitas di kelas-kelas asanas dan latihan yoga. Meski telah menjadi sebuah ‘paragraf’ asanas yang sangat populer, Suryanamaskar pernah mengalami ‘penolakan’ oleh sebagian kelompok orang dan dianggap sebagai aktivitas menyembah matahari dan/ atau bahkan dianggap sebagai ritual agama tertentu. 481 more words


Sorrier namaskar

“Inhale hands to prayer. Make it real”

My teacher knows I’m nervous, gives me a breath to settle myself here before I ‘show him’ my Surya Namaskar A. 474 more words


Surya namaskar

Yoga Sutra 1.1: atha yoga anushasanam. Now the practice of yoga begins.

Yoga, quite literally, is a path. It’s a culmination, or compilation, of the different pieces of a practice: movement, breath, study, concentration, contemplation, stillness, restraint, observation, meditation, presence… 229 more words