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sun salutation.

Arms up above the head, head looking north towards heaven

Ligaments and sinews of muscles pull up, sturdy ropes

Unerupted wings meet each other in a tight embrace as arms spread to horizontal: an eagle taking flight… 113 more words


Gerakan Sun Salutation dalam Yoga, Haramkah?

“SURYA NAMASKAR” atau “salam matahari” kini hampir tidak dapat dipisahkan dari aktivitas di kelas-kelas asanas dan latihan yoga. Meski telah menjadi sebuah ‘paragraf’ asanas yang sangat populer, Suryanamaskar pernah mengalami ‘penolakan’ oleh sebagian kelompok orang dan dianggap sebagai aktivitas menyembah matahari dan/ atau bahkan dianggap sebagai ritual agama tertentu. 481 more words


Sorrier namaskar

“Inhale hands to prayer. Make it real”

My teacher knows I’m nervous, gives me a breath to settle myself here before I ‘show him’ my Surya Namaskar A. 474 more words


Surya namaskar

Yoga Sutra 1.1: atha yoga anushasanam. Now the practice of yoga begins.

Yoga, quite literally, is a path. It’s a culmination, or compilation, of the different pieces of a practice: movement, breath, study, concentration, contemplation, stillness, restraint, observation, meditation, presence… 229 more words


My 5mins "LAZY" Yoga Workout. You will thank me for!

Sun Salutation. What is it?

“Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation, is a series of postures that warms, strengthens, and aligns the entire body. It serves as an all-purpose yoga tool, kind of like a hammer that’s also a saw and a screwdriver, if you can imagine such a thing”.

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5mins Workout

Starting a Home Yoga Practice

If you have been to a few yoga classes, and “got the bug”, you might be thinking about starting a home yoga practice.  Even five or ten minutes of yoga each day makes a huge difference to how comfortable and at ease you feel in your body, and will also help you to combat stress and cope with challenging situations with more equanimity. 890 more words


Catching The Light

Nu·ance |n(y)o͞o äns| noun: nuance; plural: nuances • a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound • verb: nuance; nuances; nuanced; nuancing.

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