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Echinopsis flowering again n our desert garden.

By DemiLucas

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In Bogotá, perhaps it was the cloud pattern allowing sun beams to shoot through skyline to reach dusty ground, or the shadowy mountains cresting then sloping inward to dwarfed cityscape, or the half moon peaking mid-afternoon, or the drops of rain threatening to storm: these elements, performing together, made me feel so exposed like the city herself, vast yet vulnerable.

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i love it<3

By: BenjaminAlexander


Who let the intern out?

Who? Who? Who?

Well my boss of course, I’d never just leave the cubicle without expressed permission to work somewhere else, obviously cause HELLO I can’t make my own decisions like that. 103 more words

(Temporary) Escape from New York

It is time to escape New York for a week as our beloved city continues to bake in the summer heat. We are headed to Cape Ann, … 508 more words

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