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Cold and Windy Sunday

WINDS STAY STRONG: With the cold front that passed today, we clear out the skies but welcome a strong northwesterly wind heading for Sunday. Winds stay sustained at 10-20mph throughout the day with gusts up to 30mph or higher likely. 127 more words



I can be the Sun with the flashy eyes,

Or the Moon with craters designed as a disguise,

I can fly with the fragrance of the flowers, 53 more words


Can you imagine sweethearts putting their initials inside a heart carving on the trunk of a tree? I believe that young people have been doing that since time immortal.   270 more words


A Winter Knit into Warm Solace

They were quite the lame pair. They spent all their winters in a blue room traced with their icy blue fingertips. Bundled up in blankets in all the colours that matched the blush on his nose. 112 more words

A Hopelessly Romantic Spring

She didn’t know what shade of brown that was, so she named it after his eyes. He was no expert on stars; so he named the brightest ones after her smile. 52 more words

The First Love


Love is strange.

They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. He was beautiful. He was a masterpiece no doubt. But in a messy, abstract-but-not-meant-to-be-abstract-ish kind of way. 190 more words


Each day, one sliver grows the moon,
until it’s full–
then, daily slivers shall it spurn,
in long nights dark and taciturn.

But, if we linger long enough, and look, 59 more words