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Short Soggy Sunday Saunter with Saurabh

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To see my profile and all stats and activities, go to:  www.Strava.com/athletes/ADudeAbikes 122 more words

Fallen splendour

That time when Sal turns yellow

To match the blaze of the sun

As the tension in the nerves mellow

I feel the warmth at morning ten. 93 more words


Sunspots are areas of the sun that appear dark because they are cooler than their surroundings and are used as an indicator of solar activity. They are formed because material at the solar equator moves significantly faster than the materials at the poles, causing the magnetic field lines to become warped. 125 more words


Happy Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox arrives on Tuesday, March 20th at 9:16am PDT/ 12:16pm EDT/ 4:16pm GMT. This is also the beginning of the astrological calendar year with the Sun traveling through the sign of fiery, feisty Aries.  1,002 more words


my darling,

sleeping in this bed,

waiting until

there’s only now

and no tomorrow;

each cell

a masterpiece

of sound and I


the beauty… 180 more words


Under the Sun

I never had a rebellious stage in high school. Mind you I lived 45 minutes away from civilization and I was homeschooled. Fun times. Now don’t get me wrong, if given the opportunity I definitely would have been rebellious in high school. 860 more words

9-to-5 on a sunset

the sun clocks out
around 6pm
or 7pm. hours
depend on the
season's schedule.
the sun argues,
why do they keep
springing this time
change on me? 260 more words