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The Fable of the Mountain Lioness and the Dragon

Once upon a time, there was a mountain lioness.  She was a proud, majestic animal.  She was proud, but fair, to those around her.

A strange shadow fell over the land.  1,222 more words


Here use my spare....

Michelle and I LOVE where we live now. We’ve left the hustle and bustle (and lately, per the news, a plethora of overturned semis on the freeway) of the Seattle area and moved to the small town of Lincoln City Oregon, Population just under 8000 people. 834 more words


Different ways to stay active for summer!

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on Pexels.com

Yes,summer is here! The sun is out,there is summer breeze flowing,perfect day to be spending outside.If you’re lazy like me,will find any excuse to Netflix and chill rather than step out,then its doing you no good.I am currently on sun diet,yes you read that right,at least an hour in the sun.Take out your… 162 more words

Yet unborn

Grey pebbles beneath my feet

as the water stretches

to and from its bed.

It feels cool

but not cold

as I fill myself up… 41 more words


trip Inspo

The only thing I cannot stress enough is having the opportunity within your life to travel and enjoy your environment around you.

Life is much too short to not see the beauty of the world. 311 more words


Seasonal Change

In most parts of South India,

There are only two seasons.

A long and drawn out summer,

Interrupted by monsoon rains.

Then there are days like today, 172 more words