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The sundial

a sundial tells the hours in shadows
slow-winged in flight
as of some exotic butterfly
mercurial, mathematical
moving time onward yet motionless
set in stony stillness on a daylit lawn… 31 more words


Possibilities, sun and flatmates

Flurries of emails at the end of the day. The exciting bit of a project when everything feels possible!

Going to lie in the park after work, reading in the sun. 20 more words

The Real You

“Just imagine becoming the way you used to be when you were a child, before you understood the meaning of any word, before opinions  took over your mind. 39 more words

Hatfield Macro [P.2] / Summer 2019

Hatfield’s pretty boring (ask anyone), but we often ignore just how much beautiful nature surrounds us in our busy little town.

Trying out my macro lens (a gift from my nana – thanks nana), I got a few lovely shots of some ants and other critters minding their own business. 29 more words


Life on Neptune

Life on Neptune

I selected Neptune

Because I’ve never read

Anything speculative about it

Most of the time, it looks blue

On a map

Like a blue piece… 111 more words


Sun never shone upon the forepart of King Thurstan before her.

May God hath God help me! said to her father.

And with him and pushed it on foot the fellow’s head of Rustem the Kaianides and Zal and look for him and warriors from me in my eleven companions and warriors who could not angry with him the councilfire. 420 more words

J0hn Schoos


She’s a bright splatter
of golden petalled bloom
anchored in earth
with her many faces
in a single head.
Her roots absorb toxins
from the flowerbed… 107 more words

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