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Beautiful morning to you. Thanks for being here. It’s been raining none stop over here. How’s the weather there?

Today’s poem is a list of things our guest poet has never come across. 253 more words


Don’t Love Me Because I’m Beautiful

Don’t love me because I’m beautiful
Love me in spite of the darkness of my soul’s shade
I’m trying to outlast the setting sun
To still be relevant after your attention begins to fade


Learning to embrace all weathers

I’ve always been that person who wanted a different season to that one that was current. For example; in the summer, I tend to reminisce about fall and autumn, and in autumn, I tend to long for the summer months. 405 more words

Mental Health

The summer guide to Lebanon: Beirut and suburbs

The common cliché of how Middle Easterns are close minded in and out has been a talkative discussion over the past decades. Although I’m Spanish, my parents are Lebanese and I couldn’t be more proud of my double culture. 1,534 more words


The misconceptions surrounding SAD

Vicky talks about her experience of Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD) and the misconceptions that surround it, how getting a diagnosis has made a big difference and things she does to support her own mental health. 1,171 more words

Mental Health