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Sun Trapped in Tubes

I’ve recently started enjoying lay-down sunbed exposure, and have to admit it’s kind of relaxing.

I already see the detractors coming with their bags full of melanoma and skin cancer. 465 more words


Grand Days in Grand Baie! My! Mauritius was Delicious!!

So you made it through ‘blue Monday’ (what a load of BS) and you are still hanging on to being T-total/ D-toxified or gymin’ it for a full 2-weeks without slippin (you big wuss). 1,494 more words

A New Patch Will Tell You When It’s Time to Get Out of the Sun

A diligent approach to sunscreen is the only thing that stands between us and a gnarly burn (and its ensuing consequences such as skin cancer and premature signs of aging), and there’s too much conflicting information for us to know for sure how often we should be reapplying and how high the SPF needs to be to offer complete protection. 83 more words