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Cat Forum: Interview with Bertie

Snoops and Kommando Kitty here. Welcome to another edition of Cat Forum. This month we’re talking to Bertie. We liked him the first time we met him. 1,114 more words


Goldilocks days

These are my favorite days of fall – not too hot, but not too cold.  The bugs are gone and the ticks are long finished.  We’ve been warned, by the frost, that winter is coming, but then there are lovely “gift” days of perfect, peaceful weather.  213 more words

Life: Lived

The dos and don'ts of taking your clothes off on French beaches

France is world famous for its nudist beaches and its topless sunbathers but there are some rules or customs you need to abide by when it comes to taking your clothes off this summer. 916 more words

The turtle doesn't move

I saw this yellow-bellied slider (a land and water turtle) and three of his closest friends sunbathing this weekend.  One of the other turtle’s back is in the foreground and the odd angle of the stretched out neck (no doubt to catch some more sun before winter comes) makes the image almost abstract – one wonders which way the head faces.   43 more words

Hospitals in My Home City

Dear friend,

This letter to you might seem like a strange one, but I felt the need to fill you in on certain recent events in my life. 911 more words


Sunbathing and pig lunch

It´s a nice hot day, so the chickens decided to flake out in the path.These are the Famous Five, the house moochers.  They just kind of tip over like beached boats, and stick out a wing. 173 more words

Life: Lived

Significant Sitges Sun

I’m just back from a long weekend in Sitges, feeling every so slightly broken. This is purely due to sleep deprivation – a series of very late nights with friends, combined with early mornings to get down to the beach. 729 more words