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Dermatologists Tell Us How to Treat Any Sunburn

You thought you were being extra careful with the sun in these last days of summer—you reapplied SPF, you wore a hat, you even sat under the umbrella instead of frying in the sand. 460 more words

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7 Beauty Uses for Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a remarkable substance with oh so many uses, many of which happen to fit in perfectly with our beauty routines. From fighting acne and reducing the pain of a sunburn to making dark circles disappear, witch hazel is an absolute must-have for your medicine cabinet—and considering it’s crazy affordable and easy to find, we’d be surprised if you don’t have it already. 435 more words

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Beauty 101: The Summer Sunburn

Sunburns are nasty, evil situations that the majority of us (big or little) suffer through – especially once summer hits. And with my perfectly pale skin I’m often a target for sunburn if I don’t wear sunscreen – and yesterday was no different! 268 more words

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Treatment to reverse sun-damaged skin

Many of us have had sunburn at some point in our lives. This means our skin has been damaged and sadly it’s not reversible, or is it? 116 more words

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