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There is an Opposite to Albino, which is Melano: White vs Black

I didn’t know this before 9Gag presented it. It certainly has a strong case for being real with these pics:

I'm never ever getting sun burnt.... EVER AGAIN... (or try at least -.- )

A day after the sun burn… My skin feels weirdly tight, like it’s stretched out on my face or something. I guess my black/dark brown specs helped to ‘disguise’ the sun burn ( most of it anyway, i think… maybe people were just too polite to ask me? 364 more words

School Stuff

Day 253. Sunburn.

24th of May

I got burned. Literally, my skin is screaming because of the pain. It’s like I am roasting in the oven, that is how I feel. 128 more words


Why Sunscreen?

When I was younger mom would tell us girls (me and my 2 sisters) to go outside and lay in the sun so we would get some vitamin D.   318 more words


Fair Skin Life Hack 👩

Hey people, I couldn’t sleep last night and I’m wide awake and bored so I decided to share with you my favourite pampering face mask. This mask is based around the herb turmeric so it’s obvious this mask is healthy as well for your skin. 352 more words


Summer Romance

The Sun presses

a punishing kiss

on my virgin skin

leaving me

blushing. 11 more words


Bee Shade Natural Sunscreen

Summer is upon us!  I’m looking forward to soaking up some natural Vitamin D in the next few months.  When I’m going to be out for short periods of time, I opt not to use sunscreen so that I can get the best advantage from the sunlight. 611 more words

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