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Green River Revival, Sun Poisoning, and Ride-Alongs

Hi ya’ll. Sorry for the gap. Yours truly managed to get into the honors program at the college of her dreams for environmental science, so things have been a bit busy as I prep for that.  677 more words

Get It Right, Mom

Me: I should have put “sun stuff” on your sister so she doesn’t got sunburned.

Blue: Do a suntan hurt?

Me: No, but a sunburn does. 66 more words

Toddler Adventures

Live Pure & Free

Sunscreen is a must. For everyone. You simply can’t argue with it. Would you skip getting your diphtheria vaccine? Would you decide to sleep in the snow in a bathing suit? 266 more words

Top Ten Things Pale Girls Hear at the Beach

10.“Oh my god, you’re so white!”

Thanks, I hadn’t noticed.

9.“Wow you can’t tan? That would suck.”

Pretty sure skin cancer sucks worse.

8.”Why don’t you just go to tanning beds if you can’t tan?” 150 more words

Feeling Awkward


We fair-haired or fair-skinned folks have learned to be cautious in our dealings with outdoor activities.  The Sun is both our friend and our foe.  We learned, sometimes the physically painful way, to protect ourselves from solar radiation. 530 more words


6 Natural Remedies for Sunburn

Sunburn is the bane of summertime, thwarting tans and forcing people to cover up. It can happen at any time of the year though, because it is the exposer to the ultra-violet rays of the sun that cause it.  1,038 more words


Long trips across Alligator Alley film is a must

I was contacted by this gentleman who took frequent trips across Alligator Alley, he has the little old lady story for his Lincoln Towncar, older car with little mileage to and from the grocery store and now it’s in his possession. 163 more words

Tinted Glass