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God’s Amazing Creation – August 2017

1. The human being has an average of 100,000 scalp hairs.

2. A giraffe’s tongue is about 18 to 20 inches long and has a blue-black color to help prevent sunburn.

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She Blinded Me with Science

Wednesday morning, and I’m groggy, but my new dryer was just installed so it was worth getting up early. I am doing a load of laundry as I type this; trying desperately to get caught up; the laundry never seems to end, does it? 392 more words


Electric Avenue

Tuesday, and tomorrow I get my new dryer. Heavy heaving sigh. The laundry is piling up.

But I did manage to write another chapter of the new Scotty yesterday,  655 more words


Soothe that Sunburn Appropriately

Exposing our skin to sunlight is very important in synthesis of vitamin D but at the same time excessive exposure is unhealthy. Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, measures should be taken to prevent it against damages from the sun. 273 more words


DRY SKIN TIP - a new discovery

I love aquaphor!! This amazing balm from Eucerin was something I heard about whilst binge-watching beauty videos on YouTube ages ago (I was probably procrastinating getting out of bed or something) and had been meaning to buy some since. 371 more words



“Here it comes
The unavoidable sun weighs my head
And what the hell have I done
And you know
I don’t remember a thing
I don’t remember… 100 more words

BB Face Cream SPF 50 Garnier - Review

Name: BB Face Cream SPF 50
Brand: Garnier
Size: 50ml
Price:  approx. €10 or 6£

Hello people,

Today I want to share with you the review of this Baby Cream from Garnier. 181 more words