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Summer Time Baby Essentials 

The beautiful summer weather has by now approached us all. The glimmering sun, the endless blue skies, the white puffy, marshmallow-y clouds. It’s all fun and games until the REAL hot heat hits and humidity. 291 more words


People are using Coca-Cola as tanning lotion and experts are worried

People wanting a fast tan are turning to the latest viral hack of rubbing Coca-Cola onto their skin – and it has skincare experts worried. 322 more words


Smoke and mirrors

As women we have a tendency to compare ourselves to other women. I’ve had 4 kids but I find myself comparing my body to women who have none. 86 more words

Crispy Fried Chicken Tan

I never really took sunscreen seriously. I was never the type to get freckles or start peeling off in three minutes. So the greasy goo wasn’t such an appealing summer necessity. 197 more words

Scorched Earth Stomach...

For the first time since dinosaurs roamed the earth, I wore a very small bikini. It was a gift in bravado presented me by Sweetest G who quipped, “You took off twenty years when you took off that coverup.” Well then. 463 more words


Of patience and sunscreen

It’s my third treatment session and i am waiting for my therapist to arrive. I came in an hour earlier than my schedule having nowhere else to go after bringing my son to school. 1,063 more words

Man Forgets To Wear Sun Screen, Gets Second Degree Burn [PHOTOS]

A gardener in Scotland found out the hard way what happens when you don’t wear sunscreen.

The Daily Mail reported that gardener Greg Binnie worked for seven hours in the sun on a Saturday without any sunscreen on. 148 more words