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Lavender Essential Oil for Sunburns

Watch Video from Dr. Christy Porterfield

Get your Lavender Essential Oil at HealthWorks in Plano, Texas

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Feeling #SunStoppable!

I have fair skin and wear SPF 30 or higher every day. It’s something I’ve done for a long time. I want to protect my skin and prevent it from getting burned. 314 more words

10 reasons to attend G Quasar 2015

With 75% attendance criteria, getting debarred fear, assignments, quiz’s, CAT’s, semester exams, internal and external practical exams and now, mid-term practical exams as well, a Galgotian spends his 80% of time each day thinking about his career and academics and well other 20 % is dedicated to sleep and food or else talking to their better halves. 903 more words

New app helps prevent sunburns

A new bracelet could help you avoid a sun burn!  It’s called the June, and it measures your sun exposure via a fashionable little jewel that clips on.  302 more words


Signs of Spring

Finally, within the last couple weeks, our little home has begun to thaw from a long, cold winter- and I couldn’t be happier. The weather this week has been so encouraging. 713 more words

I got lobster-fried, now what?

Today was a beautiful day outside. It was sunny, warm, and perfect for laying out all day to soak up some rays.

Except I fell asleep and now I’m peeling and literally the color of a lobster. 254 more words


The "I'm super sunburned" Recovery Smoothie

Goa was lovely. The sun was also lovely. Very strong, but lovely.

The main reason we went to Goa was for an open water swim that was being held on Sunday. 177 more words