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Pun #6: You Sea What I Did There?

We are now in the town of Flamingo, and it’s all beach all the time.

We leave tonight at minute to bus through the entire night–San José is a 5 hour drive from Flamingo, and our flight takes off at 7 am on Sunday morning. 196 more words


Best Way To Treat A Sunburn

We’ve all been there: you forgot to reapply sunscreen, or you forgot it altogether. You get up the next morning and your skin has never been more red and is starting to blister. 376 more words

Beauty Tips

SKIN color indicates organ affected ~

Skin is the organ that covers human beings body. It prevents bacteria and chemical from entering most parts of body further protects underlying tissues from harmful rays of sun plus temperature of internal levels of body. 833 more words


How to Get Rid of Sunburn and Sunspots – Ozonated Olive Oil

Few experiences are as relaxing as getting out for a walk or a trip to the beach on a bright, sunny day. But despite our best intentions, it is common to suffer from an uncomfortable  848 more words

Biological Medicine

You Might Be a Floridian

Knitting on La vie en rose et violet is going pretty nicely.  I have gotten the both of the adjoining sides to the length that I want them at (18 small squares by 18 small squares), and now comes the tedious task of slowly filling in the rest of the blanket, piece by piece, until I have finally completed a giant square afghan.  829 more words



So, about those sunburns….

We got up late again, much to our dismay.  ‘If we’re going to waste a day’, Warren said, ‘it’s better to waste one in Canada when it’s cold and horrible’.   464 more words


The Bitter Beauty of Aloe Vera

Uses and Functions of the Spiky Plant

By: Victoria Ifatusin

Roses, daisies, tulips and lilies are plants typically associated with beauty and are lovely when worn in one’s hair. 566 more words