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Sunday puts more umph into their bars

If you’re a fan of Sunday’s 24umph bars (like I am) but want to add a smidge more height to your front end, you’re in luck. 73 more words

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The sons of Slam

If you’re ready to ditch your traditional cruiser bars for something a little taller,  S&M has got you covered with some smaller versions of their classic… 105 more words

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Traditional cruiser bars: who needs 'em?

Cruiser handlebars.

Those shorter, stubby versions of traditional BMX handlebars.

They always looked a little off to me.

While 20″ bars got taller, cruiser bars (until recently) stayed  smack dab in the… 339 more words

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Are my handlebars big enough?

Like most men, I wonder if my handlebars are big enough…are they wide enough to provide maximum riding pleasure? Are they tall enough to attract attention from the ladies? 108 more words


Big & tall Sunday 24umph bars

It’s probably due to growing up near Buffalo, NY that I somehow have  a Buffalo TV station’s  commercial from the ’80s in my head whenever I read something about Sunday’s… 164 more words

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