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Grace Church 

Grace Church is a National Historic Landmark designed by a young architect named James Renwick Jr in 1843.

As I explored the city I knew nothing about the church or its history. 36 more words

Weekend Outing

Sunday Funday- My big dreams went bust at the Columbus Farmer's Market

So, do you want to take a guess at how much money I made after 12 hours on my feet hawking my goods? First, let me tell you what my dream was, I had hoped to come home with a fist-full of cash and an empty car. 263 more words

Sunday Funday

First Church Sunday

We are enjoying this Fall Florida weather…aka I got to wear my denim jacket, but still warm enough to keep on the open toe shoes. It’s the crisp days that get me all excited. 474 more words


Sunday Funday: 3 Ingredient Cupcakes

I’m one of those people that likes to use recipes as a guide. If a cake recipe calls for vanilla extract, I’ll use almond. If a salad recipe only calls for salt and pepper, I’ll add chili powder. 303 more words


Sunday Funday Meal Prep

Meal Prep. Oh, the gloriousness that is an afternoon full of cooking!! Yes, it is time consuming. Yes, it takes planning. Yes, you are in the kitchen for the hours you set aside to take on the task. 1,261 more words


Sunday Funday: trip to South Gare

Today was possibly my first Sunday back at university without a hangover so me and my friends decided to be proactive and visit South Gare in Redcar after stuffing our face with a Sunday Roast from the pub. 121 more words



Oh hi! So this day is a blast. This is my first ‘SUNDAY FUNDAY’ blog. Sorry, gagayahin ko yung kay Maine … yung blog n’ya. Wala e, fan.  241 more words