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Starting Sunday with a cappuccino


Today was an amazing day with such a beautiful warm weather and a shiny sun. I mean it’s not bad for being mid November! 774 more words

South Tyrol

Why the 1% chance is worth it

You tell yourself that you want to become an astronaut.

And then you laugh.

Such a tragic chuckle, don’t you think?

We all have that one aspiration that we always carry around, despite countless attempts of getting rid of it. 568 more words


Dear Daughters and Sons - why I am an Atheist who believes in Church

My Sunday mornings are sacred. This combined with the boringness of singing hymns, listening to sermons, a lack of concrete belief in God and the churches archaic attitude to women and gays is why I no longer go to church. 258 more words

Let Me Tell You

Day #299 Where's My Teddy?

I have an old teddy bear that’s travelled all over with me since a a close friend of mine gifted it to me for Valentine’s Day my second year of high school. 340 more words


Sunday Morning Thoughts

As I sit here this morning I can’t help but think about how negative I have been lately. Partly because I want to go home so bad but also because I have been surrounding myself with the wrong people, or lack of people. 185 more words

Be Happy

Sunday Morning Mindfulness

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”

~William Blake

Sunday mornings are always a good morning for hikes. 67 more words

Elevator Grand Opening

Celebrations! The new elevator was opened on Sunday October 1st with Olive Stewart cutting the ribbon and having the first ride to the basement with our Minister Joanne Kury. 7 more words