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Upcoming Events for October 2015

  • Phoenix School will be partnering with us to run the Christmas Breakfast in the Community Centre on Dec 5th.
  • Last few gardening dates are Oct 13th and 27th from 9-10am.
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Upcoming Events

AM Middle School 10.04.2015

Romans 5.6-11: Falling Plates

If you are someone who enjoys impassioned youtube clips that urge the watcher to action, you might have stumbled upon Falling Plates at some time or another. 244 more words

Student Happenings

How Can I Describe This?

I said ‘Goodnight’ to the calmest sea imaginable last night. It was like she was a sleeping baby snuggled up in light blue and pink. 202 more words


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hello Parents!!  Below you will find some discipleship resources to reiterate what the kids learned Sunday, September 27, at church! I hope you have a blessed week. 495 more words

Bible Drill

AM High School 09.27.2015

Psalm 8.1-9: Responding to Evolution

Throughout the Bible, we find numerous examples of language, information, declarations, and facts that can support non-random, non-coincidental design. But the theory of evolution is built on the belief that the universe, Earth, and life came about as the result of random chance and an intertwining of molecules over millions of years. 468 more words

Student Happenings