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The morning air was a nearly perfect sixty-five degrees with only a slight breeze.  Ideal conditions to be out on the road. A day worth remembering. 241 more words

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There has only ever been one place where repeatedly, week after week, I find myself voluntarily submitting to God. It is like a gravitational pull. I don’t walk in the doors thinking, ‘Today, I’m going to surrender myself again”, yet it rarely fails to happen. 799 more words

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AM High School 10.09.2016

1 Samuel 8.1-22: Crown the King

Sometimes, it’s not what you ask for, but the motive behind why you ask for it. That was Israel’s problem. 251 more words

Student Happenings

AM High School 10.02.2016

1 Samuel 5.1-6; 6.11-16: Broken Idols

Idolatry is as old as the garden of Eden. Ever since Adam and Eve rebelled against God’s authority and gave in to the lies of Satan, humanity has been elevating themselves or other things over God–this is idolatry. 271 more words

Student Happenings

AM High School 09.25.2016

1 Samuel 3.1-21: Are You Listening?

In this passage, God makes Himself known to His people. In our first session, we saw Hannah pour out her heart to God because she believed He was listening. 203 more words

Student Happenings

AM Middle School 10.09.2016

John 18.33-38: You and Your Worldview

Each of us has a lens through which we see the world.

This week, we launched a study on apologetics. 201 more words

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