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As dawn breaks…

The sky changes colors…

All is quiet…

Darkness gives way to light…

Birds chirp loudly..

The lights in the street go out.. 119 more words

AM Middle School 12.04.2016

The Nativity Story

Each December, our middle school class watches a movie called The Nativity Story. It is a story which we all know so well. 44 more words

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AM High School 12.04.2016

1 Samuel 22.6-17: Godless Ambition

This week in our high school class, we talked about ambition, specifically the difference between Godly and Godless ambition. Defined, ambition is “a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work” (Google). 302 more words

Student Happenings

So you want to be a Design Student?

Have you ever wondered why they call the Architecture program “Architorture”? Well, let me show you what I had to whip up in the last few days for our studio final for Landscape Architecture. 118 more words

Sunday Mornings

Thankful for Freebies!

This holiday season, we’ve decided it’s time for some freebies to celebrate the Grand Opening of **Drumroll**

Our Etsy shop! A few listings have made their way up, most of which have been shown in previous posts – take a look… 109 more words

Sunday Mornings

AM Middle School 11.20.2016

2 Kings 2.13-25: Elisha and the Two Bears

So, we’re in our second week of our study on unusual and unfamiliar events from the Old Testament. 186 more words

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