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SPF: The Bead Game

He brought out a dish with beads on it.  “Look closely,” he said.  I peered closely at the dish, and discovered that each one of the beads was actually alive — a tiny swirling, moving, almost iridescent mass, but each one different.  228 more words

Me? Sooooooo horny?

I swear.  The Sunday Stills prompt is “Me sooooooo horny.”  Here are my tries at that theme.

Okay, finished. I don’t feel horny any more!!! 96 more words

Judy Dykstra-Brown Photos

Sunday Stills: Shallow depth of field

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Judy Dykstra-Brown

Meet the New Boss...

 Photo: Copyright Alastair Forbes

That night was spectacular! The Revolutionary Guard crashed the Palace Masquerade Ball at midnight and arrested all the Royals. We ran from room to room. 218 more words