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it's not a death ray or an ice beam

SS #29: if i could freeze time…

If I could borrow Dr. Horrible’s freeze ray, I would use it to pause special moments so I could have a bit longer to commit them to memory.   40 more words

Sunday Scribblings

do unto others

SS #26: instructions…

I don’t think you need any more rules than these, really.

Sunday Scribblings


SS #25: google magic….

It makes me stupid amounts of happy to see that when I Google “magic,” the first result is the official site for Magic: The Gathering.   217 more words

Sunday Scribblings

i think i had never felt fear before

SS #31: bedtime stories…

Very recently, I had a terrible dream.  A truly terrifying dream.  Perhaps the scariest dream I’ve ever had, or at least that I can recall.   794 more words

Sunday Scribblings

this isn't creepy at all

SS #27: skin…

I’m skipping 25 and 26.  Maybe I will come back to them, but also maybe not.  I skipped ahead to 27 because when I read the prompt, it grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. 532 more words

Sunday Scribblings

never say never

SS #24: i would never write…

I don’t think I have a category of things I would never write.  I want to write all the things.   35 more words

Sunday Scribblings

now I want fried rice and lo mein noodles

SS #23: fortune cookie…

Right now there are five paper fortunes in the plastic window-sleeve of my wallet, the sleeve that ordinarily holds a driver’s license but in my case holds these scraps of thought. 163 more words

Sunday Scribblings