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never say never

SS #24: i would never write…

I don’t think I have a category of things I would never write.  I want to write all the things.   35 more words

Sunday Scribblings

now I want fried rice and lo mein noodles

SS #23: fortune cookie…

Right now there are five paper fortunes in the plastic window-sleeve of my wallet, the sleeve that ordinarily holds a driver’s license but in my case holds these scraps of thought. 163 more words

Sunday Scribblings


SS #22: the monster…

I have known my share of monsters: a host of beastly humans, a normal life’s-worth of daunting situations, and even the occasional monster-like animal (I’m thinking of you, “King Charles” the abominable psychopath rooster who brought my childhood nightmares to life).   90 more words

Sunday Scribblings

companion animals

SS #21: the inner life of pets…

I’ve had a lot of pets in my life.  First there was the obsessive-compulsive parakeet who responded to perceived threats in her environment by cocooning herself in her poo-covered cage liner and screeching.   248 more words

Sunday Scribblings

nerd confessional

SS #17: thief…

When I was 7 or 8 years old, I once stole a pretty gift ribbon from a drugstore.  As I recall, it didn’t occur to me that I couldn’t take it.   651 more words

Sunday Scribblings

they're only boggarts

SS #16: with baggage…

When I travel, I like to tie a lot of brightly colored ribbons and fabric swatches on my luggage, not… 244 more words

Sunday Scribblings

no thank you

SS #15: hotel stories…

I don’t like this prompt.  I don’t have a great fondness for hotels or for the stories that come out of them.   135 more words

Sunday Scribblings