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Eddie stood, leaning against the door frame. He stared into his friend’s living room, scanning the faces of people that he hardly knew. He was uncomfortable, as he usually was at social gatherings. 724 more words


it's not a death ray or an ice beam

SS #29: if i could freeze time…

If I could borrow Dr. Horrible’s freeze ray, I would use it to pause special moments so I could have a bit longer to commit them to memory.   40 more words

Sunday Scribblings

do unto others

SS #26: instructions…

I don’t think you need any more rules than these, really.

Sunday Scribblings


SS #25: google magic….

It makes me stupid amounts of happy to see that when I Google “magic,” the first result is the official site for Magic: The Gathering.   217 more words

Sunday Scribblings

i think i had never felt fear before

SS #31: bedtime stories…

Very recently, I had a terrible dream.  A truly terrifying dream.  Perhaps the scariest dream I’ve ever had, or at least that I can recall.   794 more words

Sunday Scribblings

this isn't creepy at all

SS #27: skin…

I’m skipping 25 and 26.  Maybe I will come back to them, but also maybe not.  I skipped ahead to 27 because when I read the prompt, it grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. 532 more words

Sunday Scribblings

never say never

SS #24: i would never write…

I don’t think I have a category of things I would never write.  I want to write all the things.   35 more words

Sunday Scribblings