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EvE 11: Bananas v Schadenfreude

Today, the elusive Gavin finally joins us! He immediately sparks a thoughtful discussion on the ethics of laughing at someone walking into a glass pane, while Mark mysteriously loses a Sunday and Alex wants to rename artificial banana flavouring to “paffledon”. 107 more words


The joy of waking up late.

Once in a blue moon I get to enjoy the joy of waking up late. By late I mean post 9 or 10 am. I’m usually up by 5:30 to 6 AM or woken up before 7 AM. 373 more words


Here is a lost little soul looking for a friend! A chess piece was on sale recently, I think someone should have bought it for Fathers Day recently, but as far as I know he will be with us again on Sunday. 18 more words

A walk through history in The Village of La Mesa.

On Sunday morning I took a short walk in the heart of La Mesa. The most fascinating stretch was through the historic area of the city known as The Village. 701 more words

red line, near wilson

To 95th

The Red Line near the Wilson stop on a sunny Sunday.