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Sunday: Success!

A typical Sunday morning can consist of a various number of common activities. To some, Sunday morning is a time for church, religion, and prayer. To others, Sunday morning means do not disturb; it is a time to catch up on the hours of sleep that you have missed during the week..or perhaps to sleep off a Saturday night’s drunkenness and avoid the worst of a hangover. 463 more words



Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him.


Channel Islands Harbor Farmer’s Market

805 Body Art Henna by Andi Schoenbaum every Sunday 10am-2pm


It's all about the food.

I’m not one of these people who could forget to eat. My day is structured around meal times. I can’t function properly if I’m hungry and I do get quite the grumpuss if I’m delayed getting food into my pie hole. 120 more words


“When You Feel the Need to Speed Up, Slow Down”

“When You Feel the Need to Speed Up, Slow Down” – Kimi Werner 

Life can be hectic, and, unfortunately, there’s no way around it.

The amount of pressure placed on us to be reachable at every hour of the day is overwhelming, yet some days we simply enjoy living life at 100mph. 1,067 more words


#333 (like pancakes)


the world is just

as easy as seven cups,

paper-monsters and some

water guns. Ready, aim, fire

everybody getting wet, squeals

of delight as you hit colourful… 45 more words



Happy Sunday Peace Seekers!!

The day is meant for more than sitting behind a computer screen so go have fun.

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