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Salute to the Savior Sunday


Heavenly Father,

Thank you for making this day possible for me to see.

A day of hope and rest in knowing all that I want and desire will soon come to pass. 66 more words


Daily Prompt: Strategy

My strategy is to get out here as fast as I can for right now the thought of spending another moment in this place is just not thinkable. 66 more words


Sunday Funday

I’m currently sitting on my couch watching my Philadelphia Eagles warrior their way to the Superbowl against the Vikings.

This weekend has been very healing. I have enjoyed my RL time this weekend, enjoying the simple things at home. 168 more words

Week in review.

Week number 3 of January 2018 in the books. Got some work done but not enough. Time to put the needles to work and get down to building and inventory to be proud of. 33 more words


Sunday Feels

It’s the start of a new week. I don’t about you, but Sunday nights give me anxiety. Well, I assume most teachers get the Sunday night anxiety. 215 more words


Portrait Starters

On a Sunday, my cousin and I went out for a photo session to practice our photography skills. And here are some of the results! 8 more words

Lazy Sunday reading..

It was a nice lazy day  …nothing to  do so relaxed with  a book that I am happily am into now started off slow because it’s been awhile since I’ve read but finding now how much I’ve missed it . 42 more words