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Birth-mineral Earrings of the Month: Golden Citrine

may be a bit parital since my birthday is in November but Citrine has always been one of my favorite minerals. The golden color always catches my eye and I just want to touch it!   101 more words

Do It Yourself

Summertime Treat: Flavored Ice Cubes

These yummy ice cubes can be used in your favorite iced teas or brew some sun tea for a fun summertime treat!

Wednesdays Homemade

The Healing Powers of Drippy Ducks

It’s officially summer!  Let the outdoor-free from school-fun begin!  Of course, with all of that fun will come bumps, scrapes and bruises, especially for the little kidos in your life and Drippy Ducks are great way to make things all better.   135 more words


Plant a Mint Bowl

On a recent trip to my local nursery I found these unique varieties of mint!  I planted them in a terra cotta bowl and labeled them with copper plant markers, to keep track of the different varieties.   136 more words


Ditch the Dryer Sheets...Freshen Laundry Naturally with Herbs

Ditch your dryer sheets and embrace the latest trend in simple, sustainable living…dryer sachets!  These chemical-free, all-natural alternative to dryer sheets have been growing in popularity as people try to eliminate unnecessary chemicals from their homes, but have you ever wondered how they work?   166 more words