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Sundays at The Oxford Exchange

I’ve heard so many great things about this place & yesterday I finally was able to experience it for myself! I absolutely loved it! I swear I belong in the 1950’s era, fashion wise, and this place just captures that era, from small teacups used to serve coffee & tea to the big wooden staircase around the place. 519 more words


A New Routine

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a crystal ball and could see into the future? It would make decisions and choices so much easier if we knew ahead of time what the outcome would be. 994 more words


the view from Sunday: a fine day to go to the Fair

The Fair is back! Though I no longer feel blissfully ignorant enough to ride any of the rides (when you’ve seen them being constructed, it kind of turns you off for life), it’s become a tradition between me and the boy (plus, there’s so much county drama surrounding where it will resettle in years to come, that I might as well enjoy it while it still looks like the place I remember). 47 more words



Hello again, sorry for the delay, my brain’s been all over the place lately.

I was planning on writing about my love of stories (inspired by watching the recent Cinderella movie-which I totally liked), but, I can only seem to write about what’s on my mind today. 1,146 more words

4 Reasons Why Lazy Sundays Generate The Worst Feelings Ever

That Sunday feeling – we all know it well. While you believe that you deserve the chance to lounge around in your PJ’s all day, you simultaneously feel anxious about your responsibilities come Monday morning. 670 more words

Weekly Workouts (March 30th)

Last week I didn’t accomplish what I set out to do – but I did manage three workouts so, things could have been worse!

I had big plans to try new studios but I chickened out in the end. 461 more words


The Bittersweetness of Sundays...and Such

Hello again. So it’s Sunday, which is both a great thing and a sort of sad thing. Great because it means I get to church, see friends, have my usual Sunday nap, and such. 471 more words