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Lesson Trailer for January 22

Most Sundays, our Elementary kids watch a short “movie trailer” featuring the next week’s story. This Sunday, January 22, kids will have a front row seat to the greatest showdown ever as they learn of the face-off between Jesus and Satan in the desert following Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan river (Matt 3:4-11; Mark 1:1-13; Luke 3-4:13).

Sunday Curriculum

A Blistering Sunday, or (for SEO purposes), How to Fit a Dimmer Switch.

I awoke with renewed clarity, owing to a rare Saturday-night free from binge-drinking. Eight hours of undisturbed sleep had ordained me with new abilities and confidence. 948 more words




It is never too late for a Sunday Currently on a Monday. ;) Because my entire weekend had been so eventful and busy, i took my downtime today. 209 more words


Magellan Without Elcano

Ferdinand Magellan set out from Seville with five ships in 1519.

Two years later, he was dead on a Philippine island.

Why does he get credit for the “first circumnavigation of the globe”? 163 more words


Sunny and 75 in January

Sometimes you wake up, get ready and put on a sweater because it’s mid-January. You’re ready for a victorious day. You walk out the door, and you start sweating before you even get to your car. 326 more words


Hello blog,

I came back.

I love Sundays. I don’t know what it is, or why. But I just love Sundays. There is something so refreshing about them. 255 more words



​My people, Una gud evening ooo. Aws you?? Aw was your Sunday service?? Na time to yarn anoda mata again on #SundayGist.

Well, I hear say Christian pple no suppose dey take part for some sport. 51 more words