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Dielman Inn Sun Dial

From the New Windsor Museum (Carroll County):

“Sun Dial from Garden of Dielman Inn

“Dated 1909, this sun dial was a fixture behind the Dielman Inn until 2010. 46 more words

Maryland History

Victorian Clock Garden

Before modern distractions, everyone who lived with flowers recognized that some of them opened or closed at about the same time each day. Linnaeus, the father of modern plant classification, was one of the first to publish a list arranging common flowering plants in an order that could be used as a clock. 439 more words


Listen To Sundial’s “Who Cares!” While You Do You

Electropop duo Sundial take us up to the cloud 9 level of our relationships with ourselves in their new single “Who Cares!” It’s a fist-pumping, DGAF synthpop piece that is perfect shut off haters and embrace every moment of you doing you. 89 more words


World's Greatest Sundial - Pekin, IL

Initial Visit: May 2nd, 2015
Rating: 4.75/5
Price: Free

Description: “Come one, come all! Come see the great attraction that is Pekin, IL!” Wait, no, that’s not right. 354 more words


A Legacy of Beauty

(Most of these words are a re-post from August 2016. This is the original post that the Lord used to spur me on to look at the Legacy of Faith passed down to me.) 818 more words


sundial - who cares?

Boston duo sundial makes soaring bubblegum-pop that has a real lasting effect. In an age when so much of what’s being released seems disposable and lacking real flavour or soul Jisu and Dorothy are cutting their own path with pop that’s fun, uplifting and bounding with ceaseless energy and warmth. 45 more words