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Fishing Report April 22 2015 Massachusetts

My son had a birthday earlier this year and what he wanted for a gift was to have his own boat to fish out of. So this week was the week that his wishes were coming true and today was our maiden voyage on a local small pond. 152 more words


Field work: The Italian Job

So the field season is fast approaching and for me that means five long weeks toiling under the summer sun in Italy… and I cannot wait!! 437 more words

Fishing Report April 4 2015 New Hampshire

The ice fishing in Massachusetts is over on the Northshore as the warm temps and rain storms had eroded the shorelines. There is still a good amount of ice on the lakes but the surface ice as well and the shorelines are honey combing and melting quickly. 57 more words


Things that go bang in the night

We had just turned our lights out one night last week when I heard what sounded like a gunshot and running feet, popped my head out of the hatch above our bed and saw a huge column of black smoke nearby – fire! 492 more words


sunfish: sailing's most popular dinghy. ever.

Laser Performance, the manufacturer of the Sunfish and several other sailing dinghies, created a nice little promotional video about the Sunfish. check it out:


Newton's 3rd law of motion

for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

I admit it, I’m an engineer by day – and should know better about the physics involved here, but I still somehow didn’t see it coming. 

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Fishing Report march 21 2015 Connecticut

My fellow HSM Outdoors and Clam Outdoors Staff partner Michael Jasensky and I had been planning on a fishing trip on his home waters in Connecticut. 129 more words

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