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Fishy trivia 2): secrets of the sharp-tailed sunfish!

Around a month ago I promised a whistle-stop tour of all ocean sunfish species, but as always, the best laid plans frequently go astray! The recent stranding events proved irresistible for blogging… but today is the day we get back on track!! 403 more words

The spoils of war! Mass Portuguese Man O’War wash up (*with video!)

Only last week I was writing about an unusual ocean sunfish stranding in Cornwall, but following directly on its’ (purely proverbial) heels we are now in the midst of a mass stranding of Portuguese Man O’War!! 589 more words

rigging a Sunfish sailboat - part 2[video]

this is a great follow-up video on Sunfish rigging setups that was created by Steve King of North Shore Yacht Club in Highland Park, Illinois.  his 1st video was a… 338 more words


Holiday blog special! Beach combing for bodies: sun, sand… & a stranded sunfish!

Today is a special holiday blog! I know, I know, we’ve all seen so many Instagram perfect pictures of sunny beaches and tropical skies sometimes it’s hard to take as autumn settles in but please bear with me as this holiday involves beach combing for bodies… you’ve guessed it –we had a sunfish stranding! 408 more words

today's tunes: nineteen hundred and eighty five

a sailor on the Sunfish Forum was looking for help determining the age of his Minifish, and posted this hull ID number.

the last 2 digits indicate the year the boat was built: 1985. 19 more words


Blue sharks

This Monday I was lucky to be invited to join several colleagues for a trip to find Blue sharks with Chris and Annabelle Lowe of… 505 more words