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Misfortune does not play favourites

With my new found enthusiasm for fishing, I went to the edge of the Rideau River by the railway bridge off Old Riverside this afternoon to try my luck. 811 more words

Rideau River

Land's End. Eyeballed by a Sunfish.

I havn’t paddled Land’s End for several years so have been looking for some suitable conditions. The sea there is always lively as it is a focal point of currents and swell and everything that conspires to make the surface lumpy. 838 more words

Harbour Porpoise

The fishing expedition that wasn't.

I had such high hopes for the outing I planned with my friend and hunting buddy Doug and his boys Landon and Tristan. It is Victoria Day weekend and a fishing expedition was on the agenda for Sunday morning. 857 more words

Rideau River

Sunfish of the Little Cahaba River

The river just smells like spawning right now. The fishing is good. No bass this morning, but the sunfish were very quick to the Popping Bugs and Willow Flies. 30 more words


UConn alumni sunfish regatta (2018)

a few weeks ago, the University of Connecticut held their annual spring Sunfish regatta – a great opportunity for alumni to mingle with and get to know current students in the sailing team at UConn.  64 more words


Monstrous Mola Mola

Mola Mola is the scientific name of the incredibly weird Ocean Sunfish. It’s a really good name because it has a tropical flavour, and it is from warmer waters that the Sunfish originates before its wanderings to the North Atlantic,and elsewhere, in the summer. 656 more words

Common Dolphin