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sunfish sailing drone video

this is a pretty nice little drone video of Sunfish sailing on the Caribbean Sea near Santa Marta, Columbia.

from the Caribbean Sailing School website (translated to English via Google Translate): 83 more words


Seeking sunfish samples: the global sunfish study begins!

Yesterday I fully realised the power of social media… I saw a photo online of a giant sunfish that had stranded in Norway (somewhere we know sunfishes occur, but relatively rarely it seems), and within a few hours I was discussing sunfish ecology with Fredrik Jutfelt (the scientist who found the specimen & conducted a detailed beach dissection), and Guus Wellesen, (a researcher at the nearby NTNU) who is preserving some of the tissues collected. 325 more words

Fishy Trivia 3): Spotting Southern Ocean Sunfish

Today’s blog is based on the little-known ‘southern ocean sunfish’, less commonly known as Mola ramsayi. The southern ocean sunfish has a bit of a raw deal, often outshone by its famous sibling species… 661 more words

Fishy trivia 2): secrets of the sharp-tailed sunfish!

Around a month ago I promised a whistle-stop tour of all ocean sunfish species, but as always, the best laid plans frequently go astray! The recent stranding events proved irresistible for blogging… but today is the day we get back on track!! 403 more words

The spoils of war! Mass Portuguese Man O’War wash up (*with video!)

Only last week I was writing about an unusual ocean sunfish stranding in Cornwall, but following directly on its’ (purely proverbial) heels we are now in the midst of a mass stranding of Portuguese Man O’War!! 589 more words

rigging a Sunfish sailboat - part 2[video]

this is a great follow-up video on Sunfish rigging setups that was created by Steve King of North Shore Yacht Club in Highland Park, Illinois.  his 1st video was a… 338 more words