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Friday Fellow: Ocean Sunfish

by Piter Kehoma Boll

Let’s swim to the world of fishes once more. And today we are meeting the heaviest of the bony ones, the ocean sunfish! 235 more words

Friday Fellow

How many men does it take to move a sunfish?

No, it’s not a bad joke, but a real question we recently faced.

In preparation for the earthquake strengthening schedule to start early in the new year, we have been working at emptying the exhibition spaces and taking everything down off display, including the giant… 110 more words


watch me run // sunfish metaphors

The ocean sunfish (mola mola) is a great metaphor for mental growth, the potential of the human mind and how fucked up stuff can be. 542 more words

A Sunfish is Slammed Against the Rocks

“What’s wrong?” there was genuine concern in her voice. This personal authenticity unnerved him even more.

Her hands reached out to his which were clasped between his legs. 5,831 more words

General Thoughts

laser shredding

oof! Laser sailing looks too risky.

save a Laser sail, go sail a Sunfish instead!

laser pic is via @secretsailing

Sunfish pic is me!


Rare visitor to Firth of Thames waters

By Nicholas Hamon, Biodiversity Ranger

We recently received calls from the public reporting a potential orca stranding (or orca feeding close to shore) at Kuranui Bay, just north of Thames. 657 more words

Native Animals

VIDEO: Enormous Sunfish Dwarfs Nearby Divers

Rare footage of a gigantic sunfish shot in September of 2013 has gone viral – again. I can see why! This crazy video shows a huge sunfish slowly emerging from the deep, surrounded by divers that look tiny in comparison. 182 more words

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