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Sunflowers - Like a field of Gold

Last Friday I was in search of sunflowers. .. the type of sunflowers that farmers plant for a cash crop.  I drove over 103 before finding a field of these yellow flowers.  194 more words


William Blake (28th November 1757-12th August 1827) #poems #songs #London #onthisday

Devout Londoner, poet & artist William Blake died on the 12th August 1827, missing his 70th birthday by 3 months. He was a mystical, artistic poet and an experienced engraver. 175 more words


Gardening Happenings

Not much happening this week. It has been very rainy here, which is good for the plants, but not so good for getting out to harvest. 417 more words

Yellow Squash

July 2, 2015 Sunflowers

Helianthus annuus, the common sunflower, is an annual species of sunflower grown as a crop for its edible oil and edible fruits. This sunflower species is also used as bird food, as livestock forage, and in some industrial applications. 16 more words


Sunflower Contest - Update #10 - Final Five

We are down to the final five sunflowers of the competition.

The dawn netting repairs were not enough to keep the bunnies out this morning. They munched their way through all but two of the original competitors, leaving the sunflowers of just Moomin Papa and Abi remaining. 54 more words


Sunflower Contest - Update #9 - Bunny Behind the Netting

Indie was caught behind the protective netting this morning (Monday) and is the prime suspect in the case of another missing sunflower.

No further damage had been caused at the time of finding the bunny and Marky’s sunflower was still standing. 32 more words


Sunflower Contest - Update #8 - Mass Carnage

Five sunflowers have been eaten by the bunnies!

While the Bull-Knoxes were out enjoying a barbeque today (Sunday), the hungry rabbits decided to have a feast of their own. 74 more words