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(Sorry I gave up on tying the songs together with a story in the title.)

1. Eden. Moon Moon. Mar 16, 2018.

I first heard Moon Moon’s music as “Contrail” was playing on the streets in Korea! 206 more words

Conchs, Stars And Kimchi

"Đối với tớ, Sunggyu và Woohyun là..."

Có một câu hỏi rất hay được sử dụng (trong show) bên Hàn, “Đối với …, … là?”

Ban đầu tớ định để title “Đối với tớ, Infinite là…” rồi lại nhận ra thật ra tớ lại chỉ muốn nói đến Sunggyu và Woohyun là chủ yếu… cho nên đổi lại title cho hợp hơn. 1,099 more words

Nam Woohyun

INFINITE - 왜 날 (Why Me)

Release Date: 2018.01.08

아무리 애써도 잠이 오질 않아
amuri aesseodo jami ojil ana
No matter how hard I try, I can’t sleep… 472 more words


Kim Sung Kyu: True Love Review

Wow, where did this come from? “10 Stories,” the first solo album by INFINITE’s main vocal Sunggyu, is a bouquet of sharply composed pop tracks with some of the most engaging melodies we’ve heard from K-pop this month. 310 more words



February is already over… As long as January seemed, February just passed by so quickly and so did all the new releases. My music taste for the month of February was quite… eclectic to say the least. 494 more words