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The story: I’m still transitioning from mainstream to vegan and cruelty-free beauty products, and I thought that finding a fake tan would be one of the hardest things. 544 more words


2016 Beauty Favorites

With the end of another year quickly approaching and a lack of favorites posts for the past few months, I just combined a slightly longer list consisting of beauty products I have either loved or was introduced to this year. 1,183 more words


Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

All my life I have been that one really pale friend. The one who tans for hours and turns into a burnt lobster, where as my sister can lay out for maybe 30 minutes and look like a bronzed goddess. 551 more words


Double Dipping-#TechniqueTuesday

We all have clients who are never bronze enough. Or who have skin that doesn’t hold a tan as long as it “should” .

For these clients, I suggest a double dip- two tanning sessions within 48 hours of one another. 246 more words

Sunless Tanning

Who runs the sunless industry?

In our every day life, we know that large companies like Nestle and Johnson&Johnson are parent companies for several brands.  We also appreciate small batch brands who aren’t mass produced and come from small businesses- like most of us are. 196 more words

Sunless Tanning

A quick tour of Shade Sunless Tanning

One day I will start speaking on time and not stare blankly with my RBF when recording starts, but that day is not today.

I am still waiting for my shelving to be installed for the second ventilation box (it’s a concrete wall and I can barely hang a picture). 22 more words

Sunless Tanning

Salon Spray Tans

Get That Fresh-From-The-Beach Glow!

Now that Summer is coming to a close, you may be considering getting a salon spray tan. In this blog post I’ll give you information about what that entails and my experience as well. 1,226 more words

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