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Sedih itu ketika orang yang membesarkan kita menuduh para asatidzah sunnah menggunakan dalil untuk kepentingan dunia. Hatinya keras menerima kebenaran, lebih memperturutkan hawa nafsu dan ego. 73 more words


Staying away from Music

Music. Something that the youth is freely hearing these days, sometimes we come up with excuses like: “it is just a song” or “what is the big deal?”, ignoring the fact that it’s haram without exception in Islam. 511 more words


The Sunnah

Concepts. What is Sunnah?

Among all Muslims worldwide these concepts are agreed upon. Although we all agree on the Qur’an and these basics, building past the very basic foundations of “Sunnah” (which also overlap historical events) is where the Sunni and Shi’a divide begins to take shape. 532 more words


The Hadith

Secondary (or supplemental) books. What are hadith?

Similar to Judaism which has a core book (the Torah) and secondary oral traditions (the Talmud), Islam has a core book (Qur’an) and a recorded “oral tradition” that we call “ah-Hadith.” The Talmud and Hadith have been both recorded in many hundreds of volumes and both serve to supplement understanding of their respective core books (Torah and Qur’an) and build upon the foundation of religious practice. 616 more words


Meninggalkan Hal-Hal Yang Bukan Urusannya

👤 Ustadz Firanda Andirja, MA
📗 Kitābul Jāmi’ | Bab Zuhud Dan Wara’
🔊 Hadits 08 | Meninggalkan Hal-Hal Yang Bukan Urusannya

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 753 more words


Ultimate Formula of How To Become a Billionaire!


Eventhough we don’t need any proof from anyone or any research to believe in Allah’s word, because it is part of our Iman, still this shall help you to understand, that Allah’s word is divine! 989 more words


"Are those who know equal to those who do not know?": The Democratized Utopia of Scriptural Understanding

“Are those who know equal to those who do not know?” (Q 39:9)

Being a graduate student of the study of Religion, every day is an eye-opener for me – a stark reality check – about how much there is to learn and how negligible a proportion of it I have managed to know so far. 910 more words