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'Despite attention to IS' by TBO

Howard Altman raises attention to the threat Al Qaeda still poses to the West.

Al Qaeda

'Syrian Rebel Groups Pulling in Foreign Fighters' by BBC

Throughout the Syrian civil war, one of the major concerns of Western powers in particular has been the inflow of Sunni foreign fighters, who come from the wider Arab world, Western Europe, and as far afield as Kazakhstan and Indonesia.


The Second Station of the Fourteenth Flash (Part 9)

NOTE: The passages in italics are from Bediuzzaman’s book and the commentaries below them are my own.
Consequently, it is to express this substantial reason that the Wise Qur’an, when discussing the great sphere of universe – for instance the creation of the heavens and the earth – suddenly discusses a most miniscule sphere and a most delicate particular so as to show the seal of divine oneness (Ahadiyyah) in an apparent manner. 889 more words

Woman journalist threatened for describing sexual abuse in a Kerala madrassa - Haritha John

“Ever since Rajeena put up the Facebook post, she was at the receiving end of a barrage of abuses and threats, forcing her to write another post in which she declared that despite everything, she would remain fearless.” – Haritha John… 1,122 more words


Notes on unrest in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is set to hold a mass execution of around 50 people, whom the regime accuses of being terrorists.  Many appear to be people who have been participating in anti-government protests in the eastern areas populated by the marginalized Shia minority.   257 more words

Siapa musuh dalam selimut Islam?

Artikel dari ProjekMMO: Siapa musuh dalam selimut Islam?

Beberapa hari yang lepas, saya terserempak dengan sebuah tweet yang menggesa bahawa kita perlu menghentikan Syiah agar tidak tersebar kerana semua orang Syiah adalah ganas. 1,465 more words


Learning Arabic language

هدا باب ودلك بيت

This is a door and that is a house.

I’m seriously on the simple stuff but with the correct intention I’m gaining reward. 73 more words