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After 50 Years Spreading Radicalism, Time for the Saudis to Rein It Back In (Charles Krauthammer)

Charles Krauthammer argued that the most important goal of Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia was to establish a coalition of Sunni Arabs to deal with Sunni radicals.


The Caliphate of Abū Bakr  

When the Messenger of Allahﷺ  joined the Highest Companion (Allah ), his Companions  from the Emigrants and the Helpers gathered in the bower (saqīfah) of Banī Sāʿidah in order to choose a deputy (caliph) for him. 1,085 more words


Mosul is 'liberated', but the fight against IS and its ideology continues

After an offensive lasting nearly nine months, the Iraqi prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, walked through the streets of Mosul on July 9 after Iraqi forces backed by US-led coalition airstrikes “liberated” the city from so-called Islamic State (IS). 285 more words



Islam  is  a  monotheistic  religious  tradition  that  developed  in  the  middle  East  in  the  7th  century.  Islam,  which  literally  means  “surrender”  or  “submission”,  was  founded  on  the  teachings  of  Prophet  Muhammad  as  an  expression  of  surrender  to  the  will  of  from  Allah  the  creator  and  sustainer  of  the  world.  331 more words


Islamic State Nears Its End

Even before the battle is won, hopes of a fresh dawn for Iraq are fading

THE fireworks have been ordered. Street parties are planned. The Iraqi government has prepared a week of festivities to mark the fall of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s self-proclaimed caliphate. 224 more words

CrossTalk: New Middle East

Every once in a while CrossTalk has a look at the big picture of a story. In this case it is the Middle East. What are the current defining trends, who are the winners and losers, and how is this volatile and very dangerous region changing? 17 more words