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Cool down with Cooldown Juice

One of my favorite aspects of the Sunnyside community are the local businesses. Local businesses are what shape the neighborhood in Sunnyside, and it is what makes it unique and diverse, but they are also why it feels like a strong tight knit community. 1,186 more words


A secluded beach, lots of fun on the water, and fear of wild animals

We spent all day on the lake today. From a pre-breakfast run to an early evening swim, we enjoyed every second. We discovered a secluded beach in the Sugar Pine Point State Park, just two miles from our camp site, so beautiful we couldn't stop taking pictures. 575 more words


Why Sunnyside?

Since I was too excited that I had found a sign yesterday while walking down the street to grab a cup of coffee I never really wrote down why I wanted to start this journey. 223 more words



There once lived a girl at my block; let’s call her Heather. She was a funny girl, always sunny side up, no matter the state of the outdoor weather. 84 more words


Sunny Side || Ep 9


所谓准备,是有计划或策略性的准备,针对所想得到结果而做出的相关准备。准备包括前期、过程中和得到结果后,甚至包括了当预期结果未达成时,所做的‘backup plans’的准备。


Always be prepared. There will always be an outcome.

– Spidegg –


tentative measures

It’s National Orange Blossom Day, in these United States.

– photo by Mitch Waxman

Another day, another commute. One’s life is odd, and each day brings its own sort of challenge. 1,316 more words

New York City