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Leave Room for Pudding

So what should I wear for a casual bite?

Nothing too fancy, and nothing too tight.

I want to look hot, and I want to look good, 22 more words


Some of Louisiana’s wrongfully convicted are being freed by science

8.29.2016 / By Benjamin Siele

The Innocence Project and other advocacy groups are relying on forensics to challenge the politics of punishment in Louisiana and to present relief to communities of color. 525 more words

HBSciU Science Writing Fellowship

From Living Roads to EZ Farms, IBM Research looks to transform Africa’s economy

Turning Africa into a leading economy will require the use of science to solve the continent’s decades-old challenges.

7.31.2016 / By Benjamin Siele

Africa’s traditional problems—among them, drought, hunger, disease, underdevelopment, and youth unemployment—continue to plague the continent. 711 more words

HBSciU Science Writing Fellowship

The Clothing and Accesories You Should Buy for the Rest of the Summer

July might be nearly over, but don’t let the naysayers get you down when they mention that summer is already half over. Instead, plan a few more beach days, procure more bottles of rosé and definitely keep buying summer clothing. 527 more words

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