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Another Round of Heavy Rain on Monday

Monday brought another round of heavy rain to the Lawrence area, mainly between 10 and 11 AM.

The day started mostly cloudy, but with some rays of sunshine peering though the clouds from time to time. 786 more words


A Small Storm Saturday, Then a Worthwhile Sunset

The first measurable rainfall of the month fell in the Lawrence area Saturday.  It started with a few light showers before 7 AM.  Then a line of thunderstorms developed and moved in between 3 and 4 PM.   508 more words


Hazy and Warm Thursday

With a hint of change – or at least  some clouds.. 239 more words


And More Smoke for the Sunset Wednesday

The smoke continued to push slowly eastward into central Missouri and became a bit thicker over eastern Kansas today.  It was markedly warmer today with a high of 88 degrees.   247 more words


Smoke Returns for Sunrise Wednesday

While Irma’s local northeast winds around its cyclonic wind field managed to briefly push the smoke aloft out of the area Tuesday evening, by Wednesday morning it had pushed eastward again, following Irma’s movement slightly to the northeast.   453 more words


Irma Briefly Clears our Skies Tuesday Evening

On Tuesday, September 12, a high overcast covered the region most of the day, the remnants of once Hurricane Irma.  Below this solid high overcast, a layer of smoke continued, lending the sky a dull, hazy quality.   285 more words


A Smoky Haze Continues Monday

Hazy skies, the result of smoke layers aloft originating from wildfires in the Pacific Northwest, continued and increased today, rendering a whitish and glaring quality to the sky.   252 more words