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Makkah n KAEC wit Nadi June 2015

The tear jerky moment..leaving his childhood friends behind

Dawn of the 1st Ramadhan 2015

the last ride together as his friends take him to the Riyadh Domestic airport to Jeddah.. 44 more words

Ksa Riyadh

Morning Magic

A heavy dew at daybreak creates a magical landscape.

Water Works Park, Des Moines, Iowa
© Amanda Royce-Hale, 2015

Amanda Royce

Mystified By Your Colors

One cannot explain how beautiful the colors of the skies are with words and how those colors appear to the eye of the beholder as they change from moment to moment.   106 more words


Virtuoso Performance

Summer squall subsides
Lightning-thunder-drama ends
Sun exits stage left


Shadow of the Day

“And the shadow of the day

will embrace the world in gray

And the sun will set for you”

-Linkin Park, “Shadow of the Day” 32 more words