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The Changing Seasons May 2018

Late again. May started warm and ended quite cold. The fire is chugging along quite nicely and days are short. And at the end of May I got the dreaded Manflu. 358 more words


I Know (The OTHER 99%)

May 10, 2018, Prescott-

I know that there is no one place on Earth, where the sunrises and sunsets can’t be spectacular.

I know that there is much to do, in any community, whether one is a resident or a concerned visitor. 197 more words


The Changing Seasons April 2018

April for me has been mixed, with some highs and some lows. I know people like a good read, but I live my life with Jo and the dogs, play music, take photos and measure things. 107 more words


A Birthday Surprise

Crossing an item off the to-do list: Satisfying.  Crossing an item off the bucket list: extremely satisfying.  Crossing an item off your dearly most beloved’s bucket list: Priceless. 819 more words

Baxter Writing Circle - Assignments

April Sunrise in Cape 'May'

A cloudless sunrise is not very eventful, so I prayed for clouds! And then there were so many, I could hardly see the sun rise. But since I had brisk walked a good 25 minutes to get there in hopes that the clouds would clear up at least a little, even though they didn’t, I decided to click a few shots anyway! 18 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

An ocean sunrise.  It is hard to put into words the hope, the promise and the pleasure that the rising sun brings with it as it appears merely as a humble dot at the horizon and soon takes over the morning sky!  155 more words