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Synergie 暗瘡皮膚也適用的物理防曬

認識這個品牌主要是透過Erica 的Youtube videos。話說回來,她可算是始祖級的HK beauty Youtuber 呢,那時主要的local beauty Youtubers 只有她和 QQ 吧。我中學年代就有看Erica的影片,但真的只是看而已,因為那時根本afford不到她賣的產品呀!雖然現在我還是覺得很貴,但女人總要對自己好一點,便忍痛放下了480大元。因為價錢貴,期望自然高,一定希望它能做到同類products不能做到的效果呀!

一般物理防曬主要有兩大shortcomings: 就是厚和泛白。Synergie這一枝的確是較其他市面上的防曬light weight,本身有少許顏色所以不會有泛白的問題。重要是質地如它的名字一樣是絲般柔滑,很快就可以搽均全面。不像其他物理防曬較難推要花多一點時間,這對早上上班上學如打仗一樣的美女們十分重要!!省得一秒得一秒!!

防曬能力就更加不用多說了。含有20% zinc oxide,對日常的防曬絕對足夠。我用了那麼久都沒有曬黑的痕跡呢。更重要的是暗瘡皮膚絕對適用!!因為生活壓力,個人體質等因素,我的臉上長期總會有粒粒。Zinc oxide 除了可以防曬更有消炎效果,不用擔心為暗瘡帶來負擔!我搽它時都會搽在暗瘡處,不敢說它是否有助消炎,但絕對不會令它惡化。放心使用吧!:)而且千萬不要因為有暗瘡就不搽防曬呀!因為暗瘡就是皮膚發炎的表徵,發炎的位置再讓陽光肆意照射的話,真的會令暗瘡惡化呢!所以美女們一年365天都不要忘記搽防曬!!!

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When it comes to makeup, I’m quite a basic and simple woman: a good base, black mascara, lipbalm, sometimes eye-liner and lipstick.

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Sunscreen all day everyday

Wearing sunscreen has a lot of health benefits by protecting your skin from the harmful radiation of the sun.  It reduces your risk for skin cancer and premature aging such as as wrinkles and sunspots.   736 more words


Why do we need to use Sunscreen?

Wearing sunscreen is a must especially if you know that you’ll be exposed in the sun for quite a while. Yes it’s sexy and cute to show off your tan lines, and having a natural looking blush on. 361 more words


Sun Screen: Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock SPF-40

Here is the review of sun screen that I use on daily basis. Why I find this sun screen awesome:

  1. A sunblock made for all skin types.
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All About Sunscreen

Sunscreen one of the most important anti-aging and healthy-skin steps in a skincare routine. You should absolutely be wearing sunscreen every day if your face is going to see or be near the sun at all. 1,480 more words


Saving Face - Skin Care 101 Part 3

In the first two part of this series, I wrote about cleansing and moisturizing our skin.  Part three is all about protecting our skin.

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