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Day 258. 2 March 2016

Taranoff’s Sitkakwan Gifts — nice place to buy curious items and artifacts! Day 258. #pictureAday #Sitka #Alaska — at Baranof Island.

Sitka Alaska

Day 239. 12 February 2016

Not a bad day at Sealing Cove Harbor for the middle of February! Day 239. #pictureAday #Sitka #Alaska — at Sitka Boat Harbor.

Sitka Alaska

Day 213. That's today(it aint't today anymore but it was the first day of this blog!) -- 17 January 2016

Sitka and The Sisters at sunset

Looking back toward Sitka from Japonski Island.  A very beautiful setting sun light was cast on the Sisters.  It was a very windy evening — the sky and light where in constant motion with the wind blasting staight on.  #pictureAday #sitka #alaska

Sitka Alaska