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Aberdeen Harbour.

The parks around Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong — visited 2nd November 2015 & 13 January 2017.

A nice place for a walk. :) And yes there are very many nice places for walks in Hong Kong~


Midday Adventures

One more week!

So I’m on the back side of my summer dream vacation. It has been amazing to live on Tybee for an extended time. It’s been great to have friends and family visit. 162 more words

5 Minutes of Heaven

Sometimes I find myself turning my camera to record something that may not have the components of the perfect picture, but is an effort to keep something to remember about a moment. 206 more words


Aerial Volcano Photography

Ok well Mount St Helens isn’t an active volcano per se.  It last erupted and basically blew its top off in May of 1980.  Like most people in Seattle of a certain age, I remember what I was doing on that date.   304 more words

Zeiss Lenses

The slow life

It only takes a day trip into Savannah to realize I prefer the slow, methodical rhythm of the island. It’s very similar to the tranquility of the waves crashing to shore. 216 more words