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millennial content vol. iv: thanksgiving

Tradition doesn’t die because change is hard. We drive to my grandparents as I think this. My thoughts, as usual, scatter inside my head, each competing for frontal lobe occupation. 683 more words


Beginnings. Endings.

We’re always leaving something, someplace or somebody. Life is filled with these “leaving times.” In the country music field, they can be called “crying times.” 278 more words


On Sunday morning, I groggily forced open my eyes and was immediately blinded by the incoming light coming from outside. Upon opening my blinds to discover what was happening, my room was suddenly filled with the sunrise. 295 more words

Morning Moonshine (and others..)

As the Autumn has moved slowly into the first stages of Winter, there have been some fantastic sunsets. The sunset has moved from the North West Horizon, to the SouthWest Horizon, making the days very short (of for the Winter Solstice, not too far away). 74 more words

Sunset in Broome. WA

Just beautiful watching a sunset in Broome, Western Australia. Not everyone has the opportunity to have an uninterrupted view of the daily event. The Ocean is the Indian Ocean.


Surfside Beach

The family and I made a return trip to the Texas gulf coast about a month ago.  Below are a few pictures from that visit.