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The Sunshine is Fading: Is poor data entry meant to obscure sunshine list numbers?

I’m screwing around with the Sunshine List data some more. Unsurprisingly, the MUSH sector (municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals) make up the bulk of public sector employees making $100,000+ per annum. 197 more words


Sunshine is fun time

The Government of Ontario released the 2016 sunshine list in late March. I had some fun messing around with the dataset this weekend.  I wanted to find out what the total number of senior managers across the Ontario Public Service is and how remuneration compares across management groups. 457 more words


Radiologist tops New Brunswick list of highest-billing doctors at $1.5M

New Brunswick announced on Monday that they will now disclose how much the province’s medical professionals bill the province — with the 2015-2016 period being the first period to ever be released. 246 more words


Session 120: Art Journal--Sunshine List and a Sunny Days Playlist

Thanks to my oldest daughter for inspiring this session! She told me about a sunshine list that she and her friends keep. It’s a list of people who touch their lives in a positive way and are a pleasure to be around. 110 more words

Local health agencies see skyrocketing administration salary costs

Windsor’s community health and social service agencies — which often run cash-strapped operations — have seen their management ranks and salaries balloon over the last decade, leading some to question whether the amounts are sustainable. 974 more words

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Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday April 6, 2017

It’s another week on Open Sources Guelph, and there’s a lot of Canadian political news to get to. First, a couple of exclusives! We’ll have a first hand account of the the latest Conservative leadership debate this past weekend, plus an interview with one of the people running for the NDP leadership race (albeit the topic is a very specific issue). 522 more words

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Jarvis: The real story of the Sunshine List

She topped the “podium” of high earners, raking in more than any other public employee in Windsor. A “whopping” $472,272 in salary and benefits last year, $182,000 more than the highest-paid City of Windsor employee, “twice as much” as her boss. 796 more words