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Sunny Days in Innisfil

The annual Sunshine List was released a few weeks ago documenting who in the public sector was paid $100,000 or more, sometimes much more, per year. 436 more words


Star's View: Sunshine List still needed

It has become popular in some circles to claim that Ontario’s Sunshine List of provincial employees earning $100,000 or more has served its purpose.

Either abolish it, some say (often those on the list), because it’s “done its job,” or raise the threshold of publication far above $100,000 so that only the wages of top ranking government executives are exposed, not those of foot soldiers. 369 more words


Windsor police chief defends spike in salary

Windsor police chief Al Frederick Thursday defended his 36 per cent salary increase last year, explaining it was due to retroactive payments dating back to 2012. 91 more words

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Jarvis: Spinning the Sunshine List

Here’s how some government bodies justify their prodigious salaries on the Sunshine List this year:

  • Being open and transparent takes a lot of people.
  • There was an extra payday last year.
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Base Wage

The Ontario public service wage act


The wages of all who work in the public service whether in the executive, bureaucracy, legislature, or judiciary should be based upon what is happening to those who pay those wages, namely the taxpayers. 326 more words


Interactive Viz: 2015 Windsor-Essex Sunshine List

The “Sunshine List” was released Thursday afternoon, listing Ontario public sector employees who made more than $100,000 in 2015.

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Gender trouble: Ontario's Sunshine list reveals men come out on top, even in the public service

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne may have made closing the gender wage gap a government priority, but she has a lot of work to do in her own backyard. 612 more words