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Morning Views of the Garden

It was/is a gorgeous early autumn morning today. So I decided to take a few pictures and just publish them here, as a gallery, without further comment. 121 more words


Beautiful Sentence #11 ~ Dennis McFadden

“The May sunshine was cold and sterile, contrary to everything God intended May to be, but then everything on the drive to Cranberry, the drive he’d made hundreds of times before, was foreign and unfamiliar, including his own heartbeat.” – Dennis McFadden, “Forget-Me-Nots,” Jimtown Road

Blog Posts

अब धूप की रौशनी से ही धूल जायेंगे आपके कपडे, जानिए कैसे

कपड़ा धोना किसी Challenge से कम नहीं लगता है। लेकिन जल्द ही इस Probleme से निजात मिल सकती है। क्योंकि एक ऐसी तकनीक का विकास किया गया है। जिसके जरिये Light पड़ते ही मिनटों में आपके कपड़े खुद ही साफ हो जायेंगे। 9 more words

विदेशी बकैती

Sunflower asks a question

What is it really like to have Jesus in your heart?
When you have Jesus in your heart it will consume you whole: your time, your desires, your passion, your heart per se. 151 more words


Sunshine On A Rainy Day

It’s raining this morning.  Sort of fits my mood.  You see, I’ve been sick for the past three days!

I know, it stinks!  I hate being sick.   247 more words

Start of Day

She rose once more from the blackness

Night screamed silently as she left

Dawn jumped and leaped up to greet her

Knocking the birds from their nests… 50 more words


dahlias at the gate
ushering us into the world
welcoming us home