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My Shadow and Me

Take everything in strides

At least I try

Sometimes the walk is a little hard

Just my shadow and me

Walking in lonesome company

But then I feel the sunshine on my skin… 23 more words


Are your Sprouts getting enough Sun?

70% of American children are deficient in Vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to allergies, asthma, and major bone disorders.

Are you getting enough? 274 more words

What follows, I bequeath

As if to say, what days
do we drag behind us,
which shadows inherit our silences

Ask me a question,
I’ll drag an answer
from the dust on my heels. 96 more words


Magnificent Milano (Part 1): Città di Giorno

It has become something of a trend to describe Milan as an ugly city. Tourists who travel there come away disappointed when they find a famous Italian city which is not filled with Renaissance palaces and cobbled maze like streets glowing calmly under a terracotta sunset; which lacks the romance of bridges reflected in a calm river, or the magnificence of baroque churches and grand old museums at every corner. 443 more words


The Medicine of Sunshine: 101 Words of Gratitude

One of my goals for the new year, all of which I wrote about at the start of January, was to appreciate more. To notice the gratitude I felt, particularly towards the smaller moments in life. 318 more words


Poolside Haiku

Chaise lounging poolside

Voices serve as lullaby

Wake from sun-kissed nap

time is not cheap anymore

at the beginning of last year i posted everyday on wordpress, and then by the time spring came i just drifted outdoors without returning cause good sun had arrived… anyway.. 19 more words