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Death by Sunlight

Blinding light pulling

dark velvet apart,

stretch mark cracks

whistling like water

as sunshine sears

through nightmare skin,

every sin hung, drawn

and quartered.

© Kristiana Reed 2018

Image: pinterest


Looked back

Morning. Saturday.

Office pantry. Brewed coffee.

Eyes wandering. Eyes stalling.

Moved to the right side.

You to the left.

No words. No smiles.

Cold air. Cold vibes. 77 more words

I love You, my sweet Divine

We are just so busy
No time for this, no time for that
No time for anything, No time for God.

But the Lord in His sweet compassion… 99 more words

108 Day Magic Flute Vow

May 23

Sun Tea



Warms the water

Distilling fragrant tea

Mingling chemicals slowly.

Who needs electricity for heating

Cold water to a fast boil

Causing kettle whistle… 9 more words

Glass Jars

Trail to Sunshine

Follow the winding trail to sunshine.

Copyright 2018 Heaven’s Sunshine
Irene Tron, photographer


You are my sunshine.

My friend Tim and I recently discussed our common ground of being suckers for melancholy ballads. Most of my favorite songwriters have a close relationship with despondency. 108 more words

Selfless love

Aren’t we all yearning
For love and warmly treatment?
This cannot be bought
But can be found in selfless giving
In the light of one’s own heart… 15 more words