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JDM in Japan: RickLuu’s Snaps – Part 3

I can’t think of a better way to conclude Ricky’s pictures from Japan than to use his pictures from Super Autobacs – the heaven for all ricers. 424 more words

Desktop: J's Racing CR-Z at East Cloud

I decided to throw up a little preview of the J’s Racing Fair in desktop form for you guys.  Click the image for 1680x viewing pleasure.  9 more words


Encounter: Untouched R34

In the same lot that I spotted the FD I posted last week was this completely stock R34.  I can’t even remember the last time I saw one of these without any modification.  93 more words


Encounter: Work RX-7

Saw this mildly tuned FD upon leaving Autobacs one morning.  Although I’m not a fan of Work Emotion CR-KAI’s because of the lack of lip, they do look alright here.  15 more words


This photo doesn’t do a good job of displaying the enormity of this wall of wheels, this is as wide as I could get the photo…standing on a staircase. 15 more words


Desktop: Amuse S2000 GT1


This was a pretty popular post, topping nearly 1,000 views, so I decided it would be fitting for a desktop post. Here’s a 1680x shot for your viewing pleasure.


Mint S204

Speaking of special edition models of the Impreza, check out this STi S204 for sale at Super Autobacs in Tokyo!

This car looks like it’s never been driven and it’s WRB, a rare find. 21 more words