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Bill Nye the Science Guy meets Vin Can the Science Man

OK, so I need to work on my stage name.

Back in May 2017, I tweeted at Bill Nye:

Hi @BillNye, I'm a biologist and I study the evolution within us—how mutations occur + accumulate within our bodies!

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Sustainable eating – the healthy and clever choice

When thinking about health in general, one thing is great, because it turns out that what is healthy for us is also healthy for our planet. 717 more words

Healthy Food

We Risk Losing Antibiotics

Antibiotic resistance  is according to our Chief Medical Officer, a far greater threat than the terrorist threat. It is already estimated to cause 5,000 deaths a year in Britain. 1,087 more words

What does Perpetual Motion, Sisyphus, and the Anti-Vaxxer Movement have in common?

My time in New Zealand is coming to its end! Already we are so close to the end of the semester and this blog,  albeit forced,  has been a learning experience in patience, creativity and keeping my mind open enough to learn. 632 more words