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Super Committee Tackles Immigration

Once again, the Super Committee meets to tackle the nation’s most pressing challenges! 

Chairman: “Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for us to address the issue of immigration and resolve this matter once and for all. 1,076 more words


Putting the Sequestration Laws Into Focus

This morning as I tried to prepare my daughters for school, the whole debate over the federal sequesterian crisis flood into its proper focus.

Each of my three daughters attends charter schools where they usually have to wear uniforms each day. 1,552 more words


Thanks, Super Committee!

The massive automatic budget cuts known as sequestration take effect today, March 1. We should take a moment to thank those responsible for bringing Baby Sequester into the world: the… 318 more words


Is Competency Too Much To Ask For In Washington?

At a point well beyond the last minute the House of Representatives voted to accept the Senate legislation designed to prevent the United States from plunging over the self-appointed fiscal cliff. 607 more words

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The Super Committee Takes on Gun Control

This is a sequel to this early blog.

Chairman: “Ladies and gentlemen, we can no longer afford to delay action. We must do something to reduce the rampant gun violence plaguing our nation.” 1,253 more words


Remember: "Bipartisan Compromise" Created the "Fiscal Cliff"

Am I the only person who actually remembers 2011?  The entire media certainly seems to have forgotten.  All you hear about today is how critical it is for Congress to “compromise” with Obama (which of course means, raise taxes dramatically and do not cut spending at all) in order to avoid the dreaded “ 569 more words

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