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Last Night's Live Statusing! Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge

Some time ago, I was perusing the pages of Final Girl, and I came across a review of the 80s-flavored film Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge… 276 more words

"Oh, The HORROR!!"

"She's special. She needs special food."

Things are finally returning to normal at Casa Missy.  I know you’ve been dying to hear what’s up.  Well, Best Friend has officially vacated our fair city for greener pastures, and I am holed up in a place in Washington Heights.  1,043 more words

"Oh, The HORROR!!"

Roger Ebert=My Hero

I’ve been reading a lot of Ebert’s writing lately.  I’ve always really liked the man, but it seems recently he’s been spouting things that really make me feel… shall we say… more valid in my life choices, more proud to be doing work I don’t get paid for because it suddenly feels important. 79 more words

Super Duper Awesomeness

A Little Senseless Fun... And I Do Mean Senseless

Ah, Lucio Fulci.  How you rock my world–despite the fact that none of your movies make any fucking sense.  No, seriously, why don’t your movies make any fucking sense?  529 more words

"Oh, The HORROR!!"

Parenting Rule: Never Let Your Telekinetic Child Play with a Demon Statue

No, seriously, if you have a kid that’s all “special” in that way, you should probably be careful what kind of toys you give them.  Such was the lesson of last night’s feature… 525 more words

"Oh, The HORROR!!"

Have You Never Heard of Salt?

I had a rough day yesterday.  In truth, it was kind of awful, so when I got home, I just wanted to turn my brain off and watch a movie.  864 more words

"Oh, The HORROR!!"

Celebrating the Work of Tom Savini

It just seems like it’s tme for everyone to recognize the awesomeness that is this:

"Oh, The HORROR!!"