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It's my childhood all over again

Exciting news here on the family front! I’m pleased to announce a new addition to the family!

Yes, that’s right, the Missus and I are grandparents! 534 more words


A Sticky Situation Resolved by Gorilla Glue

We’ve all been there. There are those annoying jobs around the house that you say you’ll always get to – but in reality you know that you can put up with the problems enough that you just keep going about your daily life. 633 more words


Why I Still Need to be Supervised When Using Super Glue

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in hysterical situations where we think, “This would only happen to me!” When we find ourselves in these scenarios, first we must laugh. 1,205 more words

So Glad I Had Super Glue

On Saturday, my silence was due to the fact that we had a chai party. It was very small, as expected in summer, but also very enjoyable due to the arrival of Spencer’s friend Britton and his lovely bride Kaylee, who is expecting their first child this fall. 384 more words

No.77 Sh…h…hh…be quiet...

Hello again, I’ve been told that I can’t call this a quote…for the real quote is lost. So instead it’s called a parody of a quote that-is  if it existed..it would be read as This is a very ,very inexact quote- totally made up…so don’t quote me O.K.?   831 more words

July 2 @ Philippians 3-4

Philippians 3-4 (NLT link) 

Discover His heart: He is waiting to flood us with His peace when we pray 

@ Philippians 4
After struggling through Israeli history in our daily reading for the past week, Philippians 4 is like an oasis – cool and refreshing!  536 more words

Daily Devotions

Fun Commercial For Loctite Super Glue

Happy to share this really funny and fun TV commercial I voiced for Loctite Super Glue. If you can ooops it, you can fix it!