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Kisah ni bermula dari malam tadi..terpijak cermin mata sendiri sebab letak menyorok kerana Anas pass kat ummi time lepas solat..ummi bangun, tak perasan terus terpijak..syukur bingkai tak bengkok, hanya terkeluar dari frame dan tali tangsi tuh tertanggal.. 162 more words


DIY Glass Photo Pendant Beaded Necklaces Tutorial

Over the past few months, I slowly bought supplies with coupons or when on sale to make photo pendants. It was something I really wanted to try but did not have a specific project in mind. 534 more words


Today While the Sun Shines

President Boyd K. Packer, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, has taught, “Music can set an atmosphere of worship which invites spirit of revelation, of testimony.” 1,548 more words

Alpine-German Speaking Mission

Pin # 47: Tile Mirror: Pin Fail! $%#@&*^%$

I decided to redo a mirror in my bedroom vanity area.  I think my husband jinxed my success!  When I began the project, this is what he asked! 165 more words


Super Glue

  1. A super method of conjoining multiple fingers
  2. Product used to create a super annoying, hard shell on human fingertips
  3. Adhesive product sold to people who live life without fear…
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July 2 @ Philippians 3-4

Philippians 3-4 (NLT link) 

Discover His heart: He is waiting to flood us with His peace when we pray 

@ Philippians 4
After struggling through Israeli history in our daily reading for the past week, Philippians 4 is like an oasis – cool and refreshing!  536 more words

Daily Devotions

There's Nothing "Super" About Super Glue

Although claiming to bond “instantly”, all glues of the “super” variety (Krazy, Gorilla, Loctite, Super, etc.) fail to do so, at least in my experience.  I doubt that use of the word “instant” on packaging is required by law to mean something even vaguely expeditious.  772 more words