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Hafsah learns about...Glasses

Today Hafsah learned that you can’t use Gorilla Glue to fix glasses. Her makeup is beautiful but she can’t see a darn thing.


Injury Management: Surfing with Stitches

How to get stitched up and get back in the water as soon as possible?

Statistically, the most common injury while surfing is a cut in your face or on your head due to a collision with your own board. 775 more words


18-month-old baby puts super glue in younger brother’s eye

An 18-month-old Saudi boy waited for his mother to go into the bedroom then got a super glue bottle from the drawer and squeezed it into the eye of his younger brother who is only 8 months old. 73 more words

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Fix it: quick and dirty shoe-in

That was a bad pun ya’ll. I fixed my house slippers. Have you ever noticed the way slippers are sold in whole sizes, or as a small/medium/large? 169 more words


Bully Poured Super Glue On Girl at High School

Texas high school student named Hannah Combs is 15 years-old when another student puts super glue in her hair,  the burns started immediately.  Hannah was walking with friends at school (Killeen, TX)  when a bully came up behind her and put super glue in her hair,  she suffered first degree burns and was taken to get medial treatment, because of the burn and hair loss, she had to have some hair shaved off. 131 more words


This Story Begs The Question: Should Bullying Be Considered A Hate Crime?

Every time I read a story about someone being bullied, there are always two similarities. The first: in each and every story it seems like the severity of the bullying escalates. 148 more words


(Video) These Eyes Are Super Glued Shut!

This is a mix up that you do NOT want happening to you! Elite Daily reports that Katherine Gaydos got debris in her eye and after asking her friend to get eye drops out of her purse, was accidentally given super glue… Can you predict what happens next? 30 more words