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So Glad I Had Super Glue

On Saturday, my silence was due to the fact that we had a chai party. It was very small, as expected in summer, but also very enjoyable due to the arrival of Spencer’s friend Britton and his lovely bride Kaylee, who is expecting their first child this fall. 384 more words

No.77 Sh…h…hh…be quiet...

Hello again, I’ve been told that I can’t call this a quote…for the real quote is lost. So instead it’s called a parody of a quote that-is  if it existed..it would be read as This is a very ,very inexact quote- totally made up…so don’t quote me O.K.?   831 more words

July 2 @ Philippians 3-4

Philippians 3-4 (NLT link) 

Discover His heart: He is waiting to flood us with His peace when we pray 

@ Philippians 4
After struggling through Israeli history in our daily reading for the past week, Philippians 4 is like an oasis – cool and refreshing!  536 more words

Daily Devotions

Fun Commercial For Loctite Super Glue

Happy to share this really funny and fun TV commercial I voiced for Loctite Super Glue. If you can ooops it, you can fix it!


Loctite Super Glue

The breadth of its uses are virtually limitless. There are few surfaces – other than glass – that cannot be repaired by its judicious application. Yet infuriation is all to often experienced as you fail to notice whilst carefully applying it to the intended area of repair that you have, in fact, fused your thumb and fore-finger. 485 more words

Aesthetic Icon, Beautiful Design, Future Classic

"Neither the sun nor death can be looked at steadily"*...

All the old rites and superstitions that once warded off mystical evils have been condensed into one single command, so vast and monolithic we’ve forgotten that it’s even possible to disobey: …

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500 And 1 Words At A Time: How Painting & Writing Are NOT Similar

Not so long ago, in historical not blogging terms, I wrote about how, for me, painting miniatures and writing are similar. Then I spent a lot of time demonstrating that using Puddles and Whiskers, recently finishing the Wash and Dry Brush phase of writing. 624 more words

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