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Man Thought His Girl Was Cheating So He Super Glued Her Private Parts Shut!

This is crazy! A man thought that his girl had cheated on him so he got his revenge by super-gluing her private parts shut! See what she says happened… 192 more words



This is a shot of my left hand.  The dogs are there mostly because when I tried to take a shot without them they walked into it. 144 more words


The One With Color Treated Fur

RJ has a hard time with his fur. Split ends and color damage are a real issue. Or so I’ve heard.

Comic Commentary

Can you Super glue an AK47 closed?

What happens if you lubricate an AK-47 with SUPER GLUE? Will it destroy this fine piece of machinery? Will the bolt be glued closed permanently? Will the AK laugh off the weak attempts at a torture test? 58 more words


Desi Limericks III

Sa’ab boleya, “Ajj laayaan mein nawa lorra
Chayti Samad Bond la mein ainu joraan!”
Mein wi keya, “Ay lo Sa’ab”
Ki pata si apayhi hona barbaad… 39 more words


Super Glue

We continue our walk of discovery down the hardware aisle…

A few weeks back, one of the kids won a homemade stuffed animal. It wasn’t long before one of the googly eyes fell (was shaken) off the poor creature. 225 more words