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Chapter 17: Potent Presage (Part 1)

Liam Roberts was tired of hearing his own voice. He could only imagine what his students felt like. He droned his way through the chemistry equations for the millionth time, his brain not even registering the words he said anymore; he heard the squeak of the chalk on the board more than he heard the list of noble gasses. 2,417 more words

Delta Division

Lively Imagination

This story earned a special mention “For use of dialogue to tell an amusing story”  in Flash! Friday 3-29.  I am pretty excited that my story got any mention at all, as… 277 more words

Creative Writing

Making Summer Learning Fun: Superhero Catapults and Slime

I had planned to take a break from homeschooling during the summer, but my little guy loves the activities we do much that he kept asking, “Are we doing school today mommy?” So I decided to incorporate more fun, play-based activities into the mix this summer, with less focus on sitting down and doing worksheets. 263 more words


Brother Knows Best

“Big foot!”

“Stop it!”

“Trip much?”

Kaitie tried to keep her burning fury in check.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale…

“I think that’s what I’ll call you. Hey everybody, look at Bigfoot!” 101 more words

Creative Writing

Jurassic World Dominates The Summer

For the third weekend in a row Jurassic World is the box office champion having beaten off challenges from Inside Out and Ted 2. To date the film has earned $500 million in North America (and over $1.2 billion worldwide) making it the… 462 more words


Make Mine a Hero 1

I’ll be some of you thought I forgot all about Make Mine a Hero didn’t you? Well you were wrong! For those of you who aren’t familiar with it yet here’s the deal, based on your suggestions once a month I’m going to sit down and make a hero using Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition. 899 more words

Tabletop Games

Your Old Man

Just because you see him smile
Doesn’t means things are okay
So don’t judge him by the lines
That are sketched on his face
But see through them if you can… 138 more words

Scattered Words