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Infographic: Batmobile (Mondo)


This past June, Mondo, purveyor of all kinds of pop culture goodness, help an exhibition called “Info-Rama” at its gallery space in Austin, TX. 67 more words


Past Imperfect

Austin Irons was sitting on the train quietly minding his own business, his knees up and his feet jammed against the back of the seat in front of him. 2,094 more words


Batman vs. the Terminator

He handled Supe. What makes you think he can’t take care of a bunch of machines?


Clips From A Documentary About Super Heroes

These clips are from “The Replacement gods” by Little Light Studios. If you would like to see more, you can purchase this documentary at their website below:

The Replacement gODS


10 Things we NEED from this film

Anyone that is claiming they are not excited about this film is lying. Kick-ass women on screen have become more and more of a favourite over the years resulting in massive cult followings behind characters like: Ripley in… 1,207 more words

Warner Bros.

Painting Faces (for Jane Blundel)

The boys, they ask for tigers,

Super-heroes, dinosaurs,

Pokémon we’ve never heard of,

and monsters, of course!

The girls, they all like ‘Frozen’,

fairies and butterflies, 113 more words


Screen Squinty's "The Tick, Pilot" Review.

Show: The Tick (2016).
Directed by: Wally Pfister.
Season/Ep: E1 “Pilot.”
Released: 2016.

Ah yes, The Tick, that glorious blue behemoth of melodramatic verbosity packaged in the meaty vacuum seal of clueless brawnality. 564 more words