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They Come In Out of the Rain

The Romance in the Pasture continues as a visibly pregnant wife was seen standing by the fence. I have a feeling this gestation will be brief as it would be pretty boring to see the wife pregnant for nine months. 249 more words

8 Reasons Why Female Superheroes Are Ridiculous

8. Fighting crime in high heels is just not practical

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I can’t make it to my desk at work in high heels without rolling my ankle, let alone fight crime. 210 more words


You No Longer Have To Hide

I have always been a major fan of super heroes. You know the Transformers, Avengers, Fantastic 4, X-Men, The Hulk, etc. I was always fascinated with how they could transform into something else and come to the rescue to defeat the villians. 321 more words


Little Super Heroes

October 3, 2015

Hey Willy,

On Thursday when I turned the calendar to October my heart felt heavy. What was once one of the happiest months of the year now feels empty and hard as I try to prepare myself nothing seems to be able to take that feeling away. 520 more words

Love Letters To Will

Super Heroes Can

Wherever the timpani comes from,
we must remember that importers
would kill to get their hands

on our instruments. Never
turn your back for one second, … 15 more words