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My Wife is A Fangirl

A-Yo! Hari ini niatnya mau posting Fate Part 7 tapi aku pikir bakal lebih baik kalo ditulis sampe tamat dulu baru post. Hehe Aku suka kehilangan… 4,132 more words



Title: Hyaline | Author: Areumdaun Lee | Cast: Lee Donghae, Park Jung Soo | Genre: Drama-Angst | Rating: General | Length: Series417 more words

Lee Donghae

Article: Idol stars with enlistment on the horizon... learn from Super Junior

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+4,197, -63] Over half of the members have served… but there are still more left ㅠㅠ

2. [+3,482, -429] For all of the scandals they commit, they’re a group that at least serves on time… I’ve been seeing Kangin around a lot lately too and it seems he’s gotten a lot witter with his words ㅋㅋㅋ Choi Shiwon’s acting is pretty good too. 284 more words

Super Junior

[Naver] Kangin and Ryeowook on Sebakwi

[+3718, -50] So Ryeowook eats fruits for breakfast, has lunch and dinner as 1 meal, and doesn’t eat supper?;;; That’s why he’s this skinny… I’m curious how he doesn’t feel giddy. 69 more words

Super Junior

Magic Super Junior


RomanizationSe Korean Translation Girl That magic girlneon neomu nollawo
tumyeonghan Flower gateun Baby
naraga ttaraganeun nae mam
nuneul kkamppagil teumdo 984 more words

Magic - Part.1

Author : angelduckwithoutwings
Tittle : Magic – Part.1
Category : Romance
Cast :
Cho Kyuhyun
Choi Hara

Author Note’s :

Hallooo :) Aku muncul lagi dengan sebuah FF baru hehehee. 3,142 more words

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