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Literary Devices in Games: Point of View

The point of view of a narrator is an important aspect of a story that alters the reader’s perception of the events and characters within a story. 2,017 more words


You Snooze, You Lose.

I wanted to share this Nintendo 64 ad from the first Super Play issue of ’97. It basically says that tens and thousands of video game fans have marked 1st of May ’97 in their calendars, and that the interest at the introduction of the system in Japan and the US was overwhelming and that we are to see windling queues in Sweden too. 148 more words


[Opinion] Darren's Top 5 Soundtracks

You know why I’m here. It’s soundtrack week, and now it’s my turn to take you through my favourite gaming soundtracks. I’d write some profound stuff about how great and catchy soundtracks for games can be, but everyone else has already done that, and you’re probably tired of that old spiel. 1,191 more words


Tomb Raider-ing (Saturn) at 83.42% speed

I can remember the first time I became aware of the difference in speed between PAL and NTSC games. It was some time after I got my Gamecube when I recognised it. 1,139 more words

Sega Saturn


If you haven’t yet been introduced, allow me to present for your attention Matthewmatosis, a games critic and reviewer on Youtube. Matthew is, in my mind, and likely in all his subscribers’ minds as well, an exemplar in these areas. 643 more words

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Monday Update: 7/27/15

I’m back doing this, but I want to take a second to consider the format of this series of posts. So often I will struggle to think of new things to write about games I’ve played recently, especially after weeks of playing them. 533 more words

Monday Update

DEBATE DAY - Super Mario 64: The Best Mario Game

After a long break, following Andy’s humiliating defeat at my hands regarding the best sidekick in all of film, it’s finally back! Trope and Dagger’s famous Debate Day! 980 more words

Debate Day