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Expensive Games for the Rich (i.e. not me)


Oh, here we go, I apologise in advance. Let’s take a look at the stuff we can’t afford and wallow in sadness. 947 more words


Get To Know: Top 25 Games of All-Time (18)

The “Get To Know” line of articles are built to get a better impression of what I love/hate, and why, through a more direct means. While my tastes have been quite unconventional to the “norm” we’ve seen, I feel as if it’d be beneficial to run a series of articles that go into what I adore, and deplore, about gaming, and why. 716 more words

Jason V.

The 64 Showcase: Super Mario 64

I’ve been diligently working on improving my game-recording setup for my YouTube channel, and I have something big to show for it: introducing the 64 Showcase, a series dedicated to my favorite game system of all time, the Nintendo 64! 12 more words


Super Mario 64: Mario's Most Atmospheric Game

Super Mario 64, released in 1996 for the Nintendo 64, is one of Mario’s and gaming’s most epic adventures, seeing as it was the big jump to 3D for the plumber and a defining point for 3D platformers from then on. 1,487 more words


Super Mario Galaxy Retrospective

If you’ve ever seen the James Bond movie Moonraker, you’ll know that sending your hero into outer space can have mixed results.

But that’s what Nintendo did with Super Mario Galaxy – to much greater effect! 1,724 more words


Super Mario 64 Walkthrough – Course 7

Course 7 – Lethal Lava Land

Enter Bowser’s castle and enter the beneath the staircase. Walk down the staircase and open the door with the key you received from defeating Bowser. 807 more words


My Favorite N64 Games

If you have been following my favorite games journey so far, you know that I did not play a Nintendo 64 console until well into it’s life cycle.  568 more words

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