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Super Mario 64 Walkthrough – Course 7

Course 7 – Lethal Lava Land

Enter Bowser’s castle and enter the beneath the staircase. Walk down the staircase and open the door with the key you received from defeating Bowser. 807 more words


My Favorite N64 Games

If you have been following my favorite games journey so far, you know that I did not play a Nintendo 64 console until well into it’s life cycle.  568 more words

Deep Thoughts & Opinions

Super Mario 64 Walkthrough – Bowser #1

Bowser #1 – Bowser in the Dark World

Enter Bowser’s Castle and climb the stairs in the main hall. Enter the door on the far left to enter a long corridor with a Peach portrait at the end. 581 more words


Super Mario 64 Walkthrough – Course 5

Course 5 – Big Boo’s Haunt

Enter Bowser’s Castle and head toward the first door to the left (or right if you prefer) of the stairs in the centre of the foyer. 1,012 more words


Super Mario 64 Walkthrough – Course 4

Course 4 – Jolly Roger Bay

Enter Bowser’s Castle and take the door on the far right of the room up the set of stairs. Hop through the painting and enter course 4 – Jolly Roger Bay. 939 more words


Speedrun Culture

When we started having our conversation surrounding the need for video games to be fun, I immediately thought of the counterexample of speedrunning culture. My brother is very into watching speedrun livestreams, especially because the international spread of internet has made it so that no matter the time, there will always be a livestream to watch.  464 more words