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Brain Food #1 (Whimsical Weekend #15)

 Yo. Let it be known that I stayed up late trying to get this done, even though I spread my effort throughout the week instead of the usual protocol of saving it all until the last minute. 3,259 more words


Programmable Series - Endless Collection

The concept of having something to collect in video games has existed almost as long as video games themselves. Many arcade games and classic console games make collecting items an important aspect or even the main objective of the game. 1,225 more words


Super Mario 64 Mod Lets Players Make And Share Their Own Levels

Super Mario Maker finally let fans design their own 2D levels for the famous plumber to traverse. While the 3D Mario games like 64 and Sunshine weren’t featured in the package, … 43 more words


Mama Mia! (an existential Mario fanfiction)

“Alright, we need to get this done quick and easy. No foul-ups.”

Waluigi cackled as he coolly pulled up the collar to his trench-coat, leering at his brother, Wario. 3,603 more words

Short Stories (Comedy)

Zelda Breath of the Wild is a Case Study in Game Tutorials

You know what else The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets right that so many other open-world games miss? The tutorial.

I’ve heard very little mention of how the game’s initial area: The Great Plateau, does such a great job of being a thick tutorial without actually feeling like a tutorial. 1,332 more words


Mario 64 120 star run!

Getting all 120 stars on Mario 64 in one video! Let’s do it!!

120 star run!