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Ooo, secret!

I love secrets in video games. Just beating a game isn’t nearly as fun for me as tracking down all the extra collectibles and optional challenges, preferably hidden away in some ingenious and confounding fashion. 912 more words

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Someone made a realistic version of 'Super Mario 64' and it is gorgeous

Super Mario 64 was released in 1996 and still holds up nearly 20 years later — but if you’ve ever wondered what a modern version of the classic could look like, 3D artist Aryok Pinera made a new Mario game using Unreal Engine 4. 25 more words


Here's Super Mario 64 Recreated In Unreal Engine 4

A talented individual has managed to recreate a small part of the much-loved Super Mario 64 using the cutting edge Unreal Engine 4. As you can see from the video it does look visually impressive, but somehow it loses the charm of the original. 72 more words


The Death of the "Middle" Game

By: Quinn Whalen

Back a while, like, a while ago, I was perusing the internet and I saw someone say something along the lines of; “The middle ground game is dead. 869 more words


Monday Update: 6/8/15

It’s one of those days where I can tell fewer and fewer people are reading or watching or whatever by the week, so congratulations for sticking around. 657 more words

Monday Update

Soft Reset: Twenty Personal Gaming Fails Part I

Short list of things I regret being unable to do on my old games.

20. Mario Party’s Bandstand fail. I never won Bandstand as the conductor. 547 more words

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