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Impossible To Reach Coin Discovered In Super Mario 64

It’s amazing that we’re still discovering secrets in classic Nintendo games. UncommentatedPannen has found an impossible to reach coin in Super Mario 64. The YouTuber has discovered that in the Tiny Huge Island level, one coin oddly spawns underneath the map. 36 more words


Top 7 N64 Games: Number 4

Next on the countdown transformed one of the most iconic games in the Nintendo franchise. Now, Super Mario came to its loyal fans in 3D and man, what a game it was. 264 more words


Blissful Ignorance: Super Mario 3D World

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, he discusses how a primary reason Bill Gates succeeded so fantastically was his unprecedented access to a computer at age 13, a factor afforded few others in the country at that time. 1,848 more words

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Download it quick! Super Mario 64 Last Impact is a huge, full-length fan game available now

New worlds, 130 stars, new powerups, Rainbow Road, rideable Yoshi… get this one quick before it’s taken down.
433 more words


Video: Check Out The Fan Project Called Super Mario 64: Last Impact

A new ambitious fan project has recently released. It is called Super Mario 64: Last Impact, and the fan game has had a lot of dedication put into it. 65 more words


Video: Here's What Super Mario 64 Looked Like On The Xbox One

You may recall the Nintendo 64 emulator that was recently pulled from the Xbox One Store. Although you can no longer get it, that doesn’t mean people weren’t able to record footage of the emulator in action. 60 more words


A Bomb in the Lasagna: 20 Years Later, "Super Mario 64" is Still Essential

Though it wasn’t the first 3D platform game, Super Mario 64 tends to get talked about as though it was, and with good reason. While other platform games preceded Mario’s foray into the third dimension (90s Kid icon and forsaken Sony mascot  801 more words

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