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Super Mario 64 Retro Review (N64, DS, Wii U)

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones who experienced Super Mario 64 at the peak of an era, you may not get what all the fuss is about.   751 more words


A to Z Challenge: (S)uper Mario 64

No one in their right mind can deny that the Super Mario brothers are an extremely important part of the history of video games. The pudgy plumber (and, to a lesser extent, his lankier brother) have been featured in more than one hundred games in their career, and many of those games are some of the most popular of their days. 549 more words

Tracey Lynn Tobin Writer

The [DAY] Update - 4/21/15

Dudes, it was 4/20 yesterday and I got totally stoned definitely so that’s why I was late on this. Definitely that reason. Because I’m cool. 508 more words

Monday Update

Let's Throw it Back: Ranking Every World in Super Mario 64

So this is what the human race is capable of.

That’s probably what kids thought in the mid-’90s once a gray, three-pronged Nintendo 64 controller was put in their hands.  2,285 more words

Brandon Hensley

Nintendo Direct 4.1.2015 Breakdown

Breakdown Crew: James Mikolajewski, Corey Dirrig, and Josh Lachapelle.

Find James at: @jamesplus12, @lifeofgamingpod, and YouTube
Find Corey at: @RogueSpartan4, @DPadGamescast, and at… 54 more words


Six Favorite Gaming Secrets…Or Maybe Five?

All month long, United We Game is celebrating secrets, hoaxes, and trickery in games with a new writing challenge. Click here for the details and join in the fun! 1,139 more words


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For United We Game's April writing challenge, I offered up this post which contains several real games secrets and one I made up. Maybe I could have worked harder at fooling everyone (all you smarty pants know your games, haha!), but it was fun making the sly attempt at trickery. Still, the secrets I listed remain some of my all-time favorites. Speaking of which, I could really go for some super-ultra-fast Street Fighter II Turbo right about now!