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Top 5: Most Emotional Gaming Moments

I’ve never been one to get overly demonstrative with my games, but I was recently reminded of just how powerful a single event in a game can be. 1,105 more words


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There are games that challenge players as they attempt to get from point A to point B. There are games that challenge players to survive waves of multitudinous enemies. And then there are games that challenge players to connect emotionally with the events happening on-screen. Take what you will from my terrible oversimplification here, but when a game hits you right in all the feels, and sometimes unexpectedly so, it's doing something right. This I discussed recently over on United We Game with this post, a rundown of some of my favorite emotional moments in gaming.

Level One - Super Mario 64

List Item: Play 100 of the greatest computer games
Progress: 54/100Title: Super Mario 64
Developer: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 64
Year: 1996
Position: #2

It was time to do this properly. 488 more words

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Level Select: Super Mario 64 - Big Boo's Haunt

We’re paying tribute to one of gaming’s greatest with some close investigation and trivia on the Big Boo’s Haunt course in Super Mario 64.


Nintendo 64: Living With The Underdog

The first time I walked into an AAFES Sight & Sound that had a Nintendo 64 kiosk with Super Mario 64, I took one look at the game and one look at the analog stick which I had never seen before, and immediately understood why it was there. 1,102 more words


Nintendo 64 Turns 20

The company’s commitment to family-friendly gaming launched a new era that planted adults for hours in front of the TV, wielding consoles. This was one of the reasons behind… 127 more words


The Nintendo 64 is also 20, but...

I went to Toys R Us just before the US release of the N64 and played Mario 64. Was in my mid-20s at the time and was convinced Nintendo had just destroyed themselves because the game was so screwy with controls and camera and thus brought down the gameplay. 399 more words