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Super Mario Bros. 2 Review

If Nintendo’s ultimate plan with the American version of Super Mario Bros 2. was to create a game that was accessible and different, they succeeded resoundingly… 1,166 more words


Never Thought Of It That Way Before

You know, I never thought of it that way before.

Mayhaps there was more going on with them plumbers than I thought. Now I’m picturing them sitting in some basement on the east side, hallucinating the whole thing. 15 more words

Mario Dreams That He Is Ineffectual

I found myself pondering Super Mario Bros. 2 recently. The end reveals that it was all just Mario’s dream. None of it happened. However, I didn’t use Mario when I beat it. 87 more words

On Super Mario Bros. 2

Continuing from Super Mario Bros. 3 is it’s predecessor, Super Mario Bros. 2, which adds the ability to lift and toss enemies and objects—a defining feature of its earliest prototype, and adds many characters into the greater Mario universe, such as Birdo, Pokeys, Bob-ombs, and Shy Guys. 1,612 more words


Character Spotlight: Luigi

Happy Tuesday!

I can’t believe the end of the month is already here. It’s time for another Character Spotlight and I’ve chosen one of my all-time favorites! 256 more words

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