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Super Mario Bros. 2 Mini Rocket

Okay so let’s jump in my Wayback Machine to when Super Mario 2 was a thing. In stage 2-4 you slip and slide your way across a whole slippy slidey ice world and come to the last little island, and then an insurmountable brick wall. 135 more words


Top Ten Tuesday: #9 Super Mario Bros. 2

Before I begin this entry, I just wanted to state that I will not be covering the fact that Super Mario Bros. 2 was originally released as Doki Dkoi Panic. 441 more words

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Short, Sweet, Barely Complete

The title of today’s piece is in reference to my attention span and ability to focus at the moment. It’s been a strange and hectic week and, as much as I’d love to have something far more interesting to present you with, I don’t! 349 more words


Super Mario Bros. 2: Fondly Remembering This Odd One

The real Super Mario Bros. 2 hit the shelves in Japan back in June 1986 affixed by The Lost Levels. It’s the same graphical and gameplay style as the landmark 1985 outing, although the difficulty level was ramped up to such a degree it was deemed too much hard work for Westerners. 623 more words


577 - Ninji Turtles!

You’ve heard of Ninja Turtles.

You may have heard of Ninji (the little star shaped character that jumps up and down in Super Marios Bros 2). 30 more words

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Short Takes: I've Never Played A 3D Mario Before (!!!)

The first console games I owned (when I received my NES for Christmas back in 1989), were 2D Mario platformers: Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 544 more words