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Super Mario Bros. 2

Genre: Platform

Developer: Nintendo

Total time played: 9 Hours

Short review: Although Mario 2 is the black sheep of Mario games it is still a classic and offers a huge amount of replay value with the ability to play each level as one of 4 characters. 905 more words


Memorable Bosses

When thinking of memorable bosses, both conventional and unconventional baddies come to mind. I think the term “boss” can be loosely applied to many characters in video games (and to people whose name you can’t remember…if you are “that guy”), and I intend to exercise that liberty here. 1,137 more words


Super Mario Bros. 2

The Dudes return! And as per dude protocol, they are joined by special guest and back from break specialist John.

This week the Dudes dive into the NES classic Super Mario Bros 2. 72 more words


A Flurry Of Emotions

Here at the official 2 Dudes and a NES laboratories, we are constantly testing new theories and formulas to solve some of retro gaming’s toughest challenges, solving puzzles that would make the most hardcore Sudoku players squirm in discomfort, and we do it all for you. 685 more words


Club Nintendo Shutting Down

Today, Nintendo has confirmed that its world-wide loyalty program Club Nintendo is going to shut down. Anyone who is unfamiliar about Club Nintendo, it arrived in the United States on October 2008 to get people to buy more Nintendo products. 197 more words

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Super Mario Advance (2001)

Title: Super Mario Advance
Developer: Nintendo R&D4
Platform: Game Boy Advanced SP
Year: 2001
Grade: B
Comments: I remember playing this game a bit when I was younger and thinking, “Wow, this is just a more confusing and worse Super Mario Bros. 49 more words

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Super Mario Bros. 2 Review

Today, Super Mario Bros. 2 is often seen as a “black sheep” in the Mario series, neither as revolutionary as its predecessor nor as excellent as its successor. 492 more words

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