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Super Mario Sunshine 4-Koma Manga Kingdom Review

So, apparently Nintendo has a Manga Kingdom lineup (Or had) where various Nintendo games would get some little 4 koma anthologies. It’s a neat concept. I don’t care for 4-Koma all that much and it’s basically the equivalent of stop motion for TV shows, but it can be entertaining if handled right. 537 more words


Do you miss your childhood games?

Hey guys B3ast here,

I spent the whole weekend playing some of my old games from when I was a kid. I don’t know if you are all like me but playing old games  helps me blow off some steam. 774 more words


Weird Video Wednesday: That one time Mario got arrested on holiday

Most Mario games teach us nothing needs to make sense to be fun. This is something Miyamoto understood profoundly when he created a colourful cast comprising of an Italian plumber, a dinosaur with a saddle, a hapless princess who bakes, and a giant turtle/dragon nemesis named after plumbing equipment. 140 more words

Weird Video Wednesdays

The Special Christmas Special Sequel: The Revenge of the Special: The Naughty and Nice Part 2

Welcome to my Christmas Special Part Two, now it’s time for the naughty—not nice—review.

What puts this game on the naughty list? I feel the game’s potential was sorely missed. 1,086 more words

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Nintendo Direct Coming Thursday

Nintendo fans rejoice: they’ve announced the next Nintendo Direct for Thursday. It’ll be at 5pm EST, 2pm PST. I know there was a great deal of concern about the series continuing with the passing of their driving force (and Nintendo head honcho) Satoru Iwata. 63 more words


Super Mario Sunshine Camera Angle Found Suggesting Multiplayer

One of the most beloved games on the Gamecube was Super Mario Sunshine. New information has been unearthed about the plumber’s adventure that suggests that the developers behind the game may have experimented with a multiplayer mode, but sadly this was obviously scrapped. 252 more words


Gaming Worlds That Would Make A Great Holiday Destination

As you may know – I’m on holiday this week (the first, hopefully of many, for my small family) and I thought, what a way to celebrate my first holiday in years (seriously, it’s been 5 years since my last one) than looking at the places in games that would make a great holiday destination. 652 more words