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Super Mario Sunshine Director Reveals The Original Concept For The Game

Super Mario Sunshine director Yoshiaki Koizumi has revealed to Retro Gamer that the original concept for the game was that it was intended to be a disaster recovery mission-style game and that “In an early prototype, the player wasn’t searching for Shine Sprites.” However, as we know, the final product shaped up fairly differently. 65 more words


Opinion: Bottom 25 Games - 20) Super Mario Sunshine

20) Super Mario Sunshine (Gamecube, Nintendo, 2002)

Super Mario 64 is my favorite Super Mario of all time, as my Top 111 list demonstrates. So it might not come as a surprise that… 286 more words



The GameCube celebrated its fifteen anniversary last year. However, it was released on May 3rd 2002 over here in Europe, so technically it’s fifteen years old this year as well. 1,565 more words


Played - 23 July 2017

It was a Nintendo kind of week for me. Specifically a Mario kind of week. And there is nothing wrong with those kinds of weeks, even if it puts me behind on just about everything else. 440 more words

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Link to the Cast #74: Super Mario Sunshine

The sun is shining and the weather is sweet, boy.

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Super Mario Sunshine

The Gamecube, for me, really epitomised evolution over the N64; better graphics, better sound, an improved controller, better memory storage, better game storage format and so forth. 794 more words



Life for a crocheter is a lot like those who don’t. You have a crazy toddler who runs at 100 mph through the house, a husband who has a dozen things distracting him that you have to help with because he can’t do it without you, a garden to till, a house to keep from slipping over the edge into chaos, a job to pay bills, and that’s just the start.   143 more words