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Gamecube Games Coming To Virtual Console On Nintendo Switch (Rumour)

According To Eurogamer, 3 Separate sources have stated to them that Gamecube Games will be coming to the Virtual Console on Nintendo Switch. There have been three games confirmed to be available being  95 more words

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Amazing Video Games Ruined By Horrible Controls

It’s easy to forget, but video game controls have came a very long way in the last few decades, from the days of joysticks and game pads all the way to the revolutionary Wiimote, which popularised the notion of motion controls. 593 more words


Here's Super Mario Sunshine Recreated In Unreal Engine 4

Ever wondered how the beloved GameCube title Super Mario Sunshine would look recreated using the state of the art Unreal Engine 4? Well, wonder no more as talented YouTuber CryZENx has recreated a short portion of the bright and sunny platformer and it looks lovely. 18 more words


Super Mario Sunshine 4-Koma Manga Kingdom c001-003 [partial]

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An old scanlation. I had a partial chapter sitting around that I forgot about, so here’s a necro post. The raws are in the folder if anyone wants to continue it.

Blissful Ignorance: Super Mario 3D World

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, he discusses how a primary reason Bill Gates succeeded so fantastically was his unprecedented access to a computer at age 13, a factor afforded few others in the country at that time. 1,848 more words

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