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Super Mario Odyssey gets new trailer and release date

Wahoo! Mario’s switch debut is looking pretty spectacular. With Peach about to be forced into a loveless marriage to Bowser, our fearless plumber will have to once again navigate through a multitude of varied 3D levels and dangers in the vain of… 147 more words


Super Mario Sunshine, I Hate to Admit, Is the Worst in the Series

My first Mario game was Super Mario sunshine for the Nintendo Gamecube. Although it holds a great deal of nostalgia value for me, after playing all the main line Mario games I have to come clean and admit that super Mario sunshine is the worst Mario game. 1,601 more words


Super Mario Sunshine – The best 3D Mario game…. In my eyes (Part 2)

Author: Blake Biehle

This is part 2 of my reasoning for why Super Mario Sunshine is my favorite 3D Mario game. If you want to read part 1, click… 423 more words

Super Mario Sunshine – The best 3D Mario game…. In my eyes (Part 1)

Author: Blake Biehle

In preparation for the new 3D Mario game named “Super Mario Odyssey”, I would like to talk about my favorite 3D Mario game of all time… 430 more words

Super Mario Sunshine (2002)


Like many of the First Party titles to come out of the Gamecube era, Super Mario Sunshine is an unorthodox take on a Nintendo faithful, full of water, and is a divisive entry among legions of fans. 767 more words

The Soundtrack Online

Five Mind-Bendingly Awesome 'Super Mario Galaxy' Levels

Up until the early aughts I’d been a Mario fanatic. I’d played and beaten every entry into the franchise including spinoffs like Super Mario RPG  682 more words