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Super Mario Galaxy Retrospective

If you’ve ever seen the James Bond movie Moonraker, you’ll know that sending your hero into outer space can have mixed results.

But that’s what Nintendo did with Super Mario Galaxy – to much greater effect! 1,724 more words


Game A Week #13 - Super Mario Sunshine

Guess I’m hooking the GameCube up! I never owned one as a kid, so there’s plenty games on GameCube I missed out on. I’ve tried playing Sunshine before, but never got close to finish it, so it’ll be a good contrast to recently playing Odyssey! 67 more words


5 Games That Should be Remastered for the Nintendo Switch

On the dawn before the Nintendo Switch’s first full calendar year on the market, owners are salivating for more games to come out on the system. 886 more words


A Hat in Time (Game Review)

This review contains no spoilers for A Hat in Time. Please go play this game for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Before we start, I should note that this review is a bit late. 1,088 more words


5 Most Popular Games That Are Much DARKER Than They Seem

Every Game is designed with unique complexity and layers of different elements that make the game unique and fun. Most of the games have a lot going under the surface that only a few people can notice but sometimes developers can trick the whole audience into thinking how child-friendly the game is but, in reality, they are much DARKER. 505 more words


Game Review: 'Super Mario Odyssey', Hats Off To You Super Star!

Super Mario Odyssey is the best video game of 2017, and considering the staggering amount of quality titles that have released throughout the year, that’s quite the compliment. 1,105 more words


Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) Review

Let’s Do the Odyssey!

Decades have passed since Super Mario 64 introduced an entire generation to 3D platforming, and it holds a special place in my heart for that reason. 1,616 more words