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I'm back!

Hey! It’s been over a year since I last posted anything. Sorry about that. I’m a real lazy person. So, let’s start off again with something AWESOME I found a couple months ago…

6 Great SNES games for $12.72!

Classic Corner - Super Metroid

It’s funny how each new Classic Corner I write up results in a classic game becoming one of my favourite experiences of all time. This statement proves factual with… 1,204 more words


Super Metroid’s Samus Aran is [Probably Not] a Secret Transgender Woman. Deal With It.

…or, how ad-click starvation leads to clickbait by writers desperate to stir false-yet-trendy gender controversy.

Writers Brianna Wu and Ellen McGrody recently penned a piece titled, “ 741 more words

Super Metroid: The Sandwich Review

Yes, after a long hiatus, I return to you with a Sandwich Review of the Nintendo’s Super Metroid! This was the first time I had ever played this game and only the second… 1,465 more words


The Time is Right to Remake Super Metroid

Metroid.  It’s probably the actual best franchise Nintendo has created.  Solid gameplay based on exploration and item progression, a story timeline that actually makes sense and features a consistent protagonist and universe (lookin’ at you, Zelda), and some of the most memorable and atmospheric worlds ever navigated in games.   1,163 more words

Video Games

Aspects of Play - Console Games - Super Metroid

The last game that was played in this exercise was Super Metroid. Super Metroid was published and developed by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo in 1994. 126 more words



Hello again everyone!

This week Jackson and Daniel are joined by Zach to discuss some of their favourite games. One of our favourite casts was our collection of the worst games we ever played, which you can find… 111 more words

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