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Retro Studios Veterans Explain Why Nintendo Removed Super Metroid From Metroid Prime Beta

Investigative video blogger Tamaki from Unseen64 has been in contact with veteran developers from the critically acclaimed Retro Studios to find out why Nintendo decided to remove Super Metroid from the Metroid Prime Beta. 55 more words


Best Game Openings - Super Metroid (Super Nintendo, 1994)

I usually review the kind of content I’m uploading trying to improve, for example, in variety. So I decided to search through my gaming archives in older games and another platforms. 116 more words

Best Game Openings

Super Metroid

Back in the Day

A classic game that I’ve been playing for years. I remember as a kid when our hometown had a rental store and Super Metroid would thus appear in our house for a few days at a time every week or so. 2,939 more words


Spring Hobby Drifting

There are people who think that, when you live in (or around) Tokyo, you’ll never be short of things to do.  I know.  I was one of them.  460 more words

Hobby Drifter

Super Metroid

I’ll be honest: I only reviewed Super Metroid as an excuse to play one of my favorite games for a day. With time being as scarce as it is, it was nice to put aside a few hours to devote my full attention to a game that has influenced me in so many ways. 597 more words

Super Nintendo

Vince Gatlin's Axiom Verge Review!

I have just finished the indie shooter/platformer Axiom Verge, and I am highly impressed. I don’t do reviews very often, or at least not as often as I should, because really, who am I to tear apart somebody’s work? 1,192 more words

Video Games

The "Metroid" Game Series

She’s certainly got a cannon for an arm!

By that, I mean bounty hunter Samus Aran, heroine of the “Metroid” video game series.  I’m not sure who came up with that phrase (cannon for an arm).  1,003 more words