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Metroid Art

So I have a very talented friend who frequently puts out a call for art that will be on display for about a month. It’s at a wonderful cafe in Fremont called Stone Way Cafe (check it out if you have a chance ^.^) through… 135 more words


Super Metroid – In Space, No One Can Hear You Beam

I have a chequered history with the Metroid series. I asked for Metroid Fusion for Christmas in 2002, found it baffling and returned it. I’ve since rebought it (don’t tell my mum) and completed it, along with several other games in the series. 873 more words


AXRIA Dev Diaries: Super Metroid

So to follow up on the development of 8-directional shooting, I looked for a game that excelled in that function and tried adapting it with the mechanics of Axria; that game of inspiration being Super Metroid (1994, Nintendo). 163 more words


Why was Metroid Missing on Nintendo 64?

Metroid, a series well known for invoking a sense of exploration and making players feel isolated, has had a release on every major Nintendo home console and handheld since its debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986 (excluding the… 275 more words


Metroid's Resurrection and Why Going Backwards Sometimes Helps Move Forward

With a major title on nearly every console, the Metroid series definitely has a longstanding history with Nintendo as one of their core titles. Nintendo even broke boundaries with the decision to make Samus Aran a female, making her one of the original female protagonists in the gaming world. 613 more words

Video Games

Super Metroid – The Perfect Video Game?

That’s the ultimate goal isn’t it? To create the perfect video game. Very few video games are considered as such, and even then it is of course only opinion. 478 more words