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30 Days Video Game Challenge - Day2 - Your Favorite Character

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 2: Your Favorite Character

This was actually really hard for me to choose from. I mean I like a lot of characters. 201 more words

Building My Perfect SNES Classic: Part 3

Shortly after my hype subsided from the announcement of the NES Classic, my immediate thought was, “What if Nintendo makes an SNES Classic?!” That system has a special spot in my heart for being a critical part of my gaming life as a 90s kid. 248 more words

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Super Rad Raygun - Humaniod Game Boy

Super Rad Raygun is a  indie sidescrolling, retro-inspired shooter developed by TRU FUN Entertainment and published by ScrewAttack Games with Rooster Teeth Games.  You play as a Game Boy fighting against villains inspired by  80’s history, pop culture, and games. 107 more words

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Metroid Marines v3

For some reason it seems that my original post about Metroid Marines v3 had not shown up properly. After rewriting and posting it again, the post vanished once again. 122 more words


Buried Under the Backlog: Wii U Edition

With the Nintendo Switch on the horizon, I’ve organized my Wii U’s backlog in order to see how long it’d take to clear it all out for good. 445 more words

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After Death - Is this Castlevania?

After Death is a indie a platform / exploration game featuring a skull protagonist. This game draws inspiration from Super Metroid and Castlevania with 16 bit feel like the Sega Genesis and SNES. 70 more words

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