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Austin Fit Magazine - June 2017 - Super Moms

We all know those women who appear to possess mystical magical powers. They raise perfect children, they have stellar jobs, and they excel at every sport they pursue. 97 more words

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Top 5 Amazing Moms - Happy Mother's Day.

Hey Everyone! I know its late but I had to do this post. Time to honor some super moms.

1- Sherriff Forbes – (The Vampire Diaries) Played by Marguerite MacIntyre, Mother of Caroline Forbes. 234 more words


 Super Mom!

Today is Mother’s Day and Mom’s are the ultimate Super hero! They not only help create us, but they work hard everyday, 24hrs a day taking care of everyone else. 190 more words

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Story on super moms of Olympics

తల్లులుగానే ఆడిగెలిచారు!

పెళ్లయి, పిల్లలు పుట్టాక కూడా క్రీడారంగంలో తమదైన శైలిలో రాణించి విజేతలుగా నిలిచిన క్రీడాకారిణులూ ఎందరో ఉన్నారు. అలాంటి క్రీడామణుల్లో ఒలింపిక్స్‌లో పాల్గొన్న కొందరు సూపర్ మామ్స్ గురించి ‘మదర్స్ డే’ సందర్భంగా మీకోసం..continue

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Super moms

This post has been adapted from the Spanish original that appeared in the magazine Muy Interesante. I am grateful to the magazine for publishing the article and those readers interested in it can find it @ … 1,065 more words

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"My experience as a mother"-Recounted by Mawuena

This weeks #superheroine is my lovely cousin, doctor and mother Mawuena (my namessake too). You will come across some medical terms which is understandable so be prepared to be referring to google.Just in you missed our previous #superheroine Eunice’s story, you can check it out… 1,214 more words

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The Taste is Not Bitter

Some might call it bitter, maybe issues could be anger issues. But it’s only human nature to vent about things that make your stomach turn, cringe or you just feel like your being possessed by Satan  because your mad as hell. 800 more words

Anything For The Kids